The Dawn of the Digital Age of Comics

Within the past year, DC, Marvel and several other comic companies have released digital comic book readers for numerous mobile devices as well as your computer. Many of them have actually allowed a seperate app, Comixology, to carry their titles as well. So for the past year I have indulged myself in the numerous free previews they provide along with origin story shorts and many number 1 issues to see if I would like a title or not. So now I come to a crossroads to decide, is digital comics the way for me? I shop for my books at a local comic shop Docking Bay 94 and occasionally will venture to shops further away to look for harder to find back issues, variants, etc. I like having stacks of comics in my room and being able to physically flip through them and seeing what I have.

Physically holding some books and remembering what I had to go through to get them can bring back great memories. I’ve made numerous road trips and have literally driven hours to go to shops that aren’t along my normal “comic route.” If I were to go completely digital though, that would all end. But at the same time, digital comics allow you to physically take you books anywhere. I can read while I’m on break at work without fear of messing up my comic, or bring tons of reading material to the airport to keep me entertained during lay overs.

So I began to look at things from a different perspective. Every so often there will be sales on digital comics (something that happens only a few times a year in most local comic shops), and I’ve noticed I could get entire mini series for just a few dollars. It would be a great and inexpensive way to read books I’ve always wanted to without having to drop 20-30 dollars on a graphic novel. Recently for example on St. Patrick’s Day, comixology had 99 cent issues of Green Lantern and Green Arrow. You could pick up older issues like Kevin Smith’s run on Green Arrow for just a buck each!

The current downfall of digital comic apps is that very few issues are currently available on the same day they’re released in print. If you want to keep up with Batman you may be waiting a few weeks till after its release to see it available for your phone, computer or IPad/Tablets. So for me, I shall continue to ventures to my local comic shop to get my weekly books but I wouldn’t be surprised if I start “testing the waters” more with digital comics as well. It’s definately a technology that the people aren’t ready for yet, and maybe perhaps they weren’t ready to release yet.

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