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I finally found a copy of the leaked Flash pilot that hasn’t been dragged off the internet by CW attorney’s yet and have to say I was blown away by what I saw. The pilot is everything we could hope for in a new CW superhero show! For those of you unaware of the Flash’s story, Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) is a forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department. In this version, a particle accelerator at STAR Labs explodes, causing a strange storm over the city which in turn causes lightning to strike Barry and send him crashing into shelves of chemicals in his home/lab. After 9 months in a coma, Barry awakens soon finds that not everything is as normal as he feels.

FLASHI won’t go into the entire plot of the show, as I really think you will all enjoy watching it, but let me give you a quick break down. I wasn’t initially impressed with Grant as he introduced the character on Arrow, but in the pilot he seems to have a much better grasp on the character and really has a change to flesh him out and learn who he is. Chad Rook plays Clyde Mardon, who is the shows version of the Weather Wizard, is the primary villain but seems a bit one dimensionalish/villain of the week, but it remains to be seen if he’ll return as a recurring role. After all, MARK Mardon is the main Weather Wizard in the comics, not his brother Clyde. Our veteran Flash actor from the 1990 tv series, John Wesley Shipp, returns this time to play Barry’s dad instead of the scarlett speeder himself. ¬†Candice Patton plays Iris West and Law and Order star Jesse Martin plays her dad and Barry’s surrogate father Detective Joe West. Tom Cavanaugh plays Professor Harrison Wells, the head of STAR Labs who becomes a hated figure after the accelorator explosion. And then there are three characters who take on the names of three very specific comic book characters. Will we see them evolve into them? Who knows, but they are Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thrawne (aKa Professor Zoom/The Reverse Flash), Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow (Killer Frost) and Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon (Vibe).


The show also features a short scene with Stephen Amell reprising his role as The Arrow/Oliver Queen as Barry comes to him for advice after their initial meeting in season 2 of Arrow that introduced Barry and some of the STAR Labs team. ¬†After waking from his coma, Barry and Professor Wells walk past a destroyed cage with the label “GRODD” on it, which can only mean a future appearance from the genius gorilla with aspirations of world domination himself. To test Barry’s powers, the STAR Labs team takes him to an abandoned Ferris Air landing strip. Ferris Air being the company Hal Jordan, aka The Green Lantern, works for in his civilian time as a test pilot. Perhaps the biggest tease to comics fans comes at the end of the episode.

We’ll take a brief pause because we’re leaving spoiler territory and heading into “HOLY SHIT, I WISH I DIDN’T READ THAT!” territory.

So we’ll take a brief break so to speak to let you change your mind.






SO! The biggest tease for comic fans comes at the end of the episode. Professor Wells, who we believe to be wheelchair bound enters a secret room, stands, and activates a strange machine showing a newspaper from ten years in the future. The headline reads “FLASH MISSING: VANISHED IN CRISIS” Anyone who reads DC comics knows that a Crisis is usually a huge universe altering event in DC comics history. Barry himself died during the Crisis On Infinite Earts and then returns YEARS later during Final Crisis. Two more smaller headlines can be read, one stating that the “Wayne Tech/Queen Consolidated Merger Completed” which is probably more for laughs than anything else, and the second reads “Red Skies Vanish.” During the comics event, Final Crisis, the world was plauged by Red Skies and the Flash returned from the netherworld to help save it from the evil Darkseid.




Rumor has it that Arrow and The Flash will have a more major crossover event in the future than what they’re letting on. Could they actually be trying to do their own version of a Crisis? It seems that way, though the 2024 date on the paper may be far off for us, The Flash being an occasional time traveler may see that happen sooner rather than later.


FlashFinalCrisisThe Flash is everything we want as comic fans and fans of GOOD TV. It seems to develop at the pace we wish Arrow had done earlier! Set to officially air on October 7, 2014 if you’re eagle eyed enough you can still find some copies of the pilot online, but hurry! CW is quickly having them shut down and removed! Blink and it’ll be gone in A FLASH!!

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