The Week of Batman

By Peter Jurewicz

This week has been the week of Batman with our returned caped crusader appearing in five separate titles! The Return of Bruce Wayne, Batman, Batman: The Return, Batman Incorporated and a special appearance in Brightest Day all tie in with the return of Bruce Wayne to his role as Batman. This has without a doubt been one of the longest storylines I can remember following in comics. Crossing over multiple titles, starting in Batman: RIP, through Final Crisis, Batman and Robin, and into Return of Bruce Wayne and Batman Incorporated. This story has been going on for the better part of 3 years now if I’m remembering correctly, and its still going on!

While I have to admit I often get frustrated with Grant Morrison’s “out there” writing style I have, overall, loved the story. Everyone knew from the start, it was never about the “death” of Bruce Wayne, that he was always going to return but we never expected it to go quite like this. Bruce returns and announces to the public that he has been financing Batman all these years and that they’ve decided to go global with Batman Inc. With Dick Grayson and Damian staying on as the Batman and Robin of Gotham City, Bruce takes to traveling the world to find his new army of Batmen to fight crime in every dark corner of the world. Along with the help of Oracle, Red Robin, Batgirl and others I can definitely see how the Bat-titles are going to be one big tie-in for the foreseeable future.

I will also admit, that I think having so many Bat-Titles at the moment, is over whelming. We have Batman, Detective Comics, Batman & Robin, Batman Inc, Batgirl and Red Robin, not to mention all the countless one-shots and team up books. I think if DC wants to keep the fans interested in the story, we’re gonna have to reign in a bit on the number of Batman books. It’s the only way to keep the fans involved without being frustrated and dropping so much hard earned money! So what does the future hold for Batman and his newly crowned Batman Inc. team? So in keeping with the style in which Batman Inc ends, Will Batman continue to dominate multiple DC comics titles? How will Tim Drake fit into the new Bat-Family? Will Mr. Freeze ever grow his hair back?! We’ll have to read and see! Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel!

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