Top 5 matches we want to see Rob Van Dam in!


Rob Van Dam makes his return to the WWE at the Money in the Bank pay per view on July 14th and there’s a lot of talent available now to go up against that wasn’t up to RVD’s level last time he stepped foot in a WWE ring. RVD’s last match in the WWE was a Stretcher match against Randy Orton at One Night Stand in 2007, since then named like CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler and more have become main eventers in the WWE. So who do we want to see Rob Van Dam face now that he’s back? Here’s our top 5!!



RVD helped pave the way for “smaller guys” to be main eventers in the WWE and without him Daniel Bryan probably wouldn’t have received the push he has. The two have similar yet different styles as their offense can both be extremely kick driven but RVD tends to take to the sky while Bryan is more submission focused. Both men have proved before that they’re capable of pulling off great matches no matter who they’re in the ring with and I think if both men were to face off, it would be an incredible match up.




I described this one on our Wrestlemania podcast as one of my dream matches. These two share what good ol’ JR would call an “unorthodox style” and would likely put on a match that saw both men flying around the ring, twisting in the air and crashing into each other at high velocity. Bourne made his return to NXT back in March but has yet to show back up on the main roster yet, but maybe we’ll luck out and see this high flying match!




Believe it or not, one of my favorite matches of RVD’s career saw him take on John Cena for the WWE title at the second One Night Stand pay per view. Like I mentioned before, RVD can put on an excellent match with anyone and Cena isn’t exactly a slouch either. Best of all, Cena versus RVD would mean a title match and it’d certainly be fun to see RVD as champion and getting a real run with the title!




It’s not showing off for Dolph Ziggler, but it kind of is for Rob Van Dam. Lately it seems that Ziggler has had the talent of taking a good wrestler and having a great match but what happens when you put Ziggler with a GREAT wrestler like Rob Van Dam? Ziggler has had some knock down drag outs in the past year and I think a one on one with RVD would be a great way to remind fans why he deserves to be in the main event and to remind fans of why RVD is the Whole Fucking Show!




When Punk and RVD were on the rebranded ECW they didn’t cross paths often. Punk was the up and comer and RVD was usually in the ECW or WWE title picture. Since his 2007 departure, RVD has wrestled in the indy circuit and for 3 years for TNA. Punk has gone on to become one of the top names in the WWE, he’s held the WWE title for longer than anyone else of the modern era, and is arguably (depending on who you ask) the best in the world. Much like Daniel Bryan, Punk’s offense is similar yet different to RVD’s with both men favoring a martial arts offense but Punk being more submission based. However, it isn’t uncommon to see Punk take to the skies either with his Macho Elbow Drops or springboard clothesline. RVD vs CM Punk? The two will meet off at the Money in the Bank Ladder Match this year for the WWE title match contract but a one on one will be a show stealer when and if it happens.


Who will RVD be feuding with on his return? We’ll have to wait till Money in the Bank to find out. Speaking of which, it dawned on me that 4 of the 5 men I picked are former Money in the Bank winners, just like RVD. Weird? A bit.


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