Warner Brothers considers cancelling screenings of The Dark Knight Rises in wake of Colorado tragedy.

Word has reached us that Warner Brothers is thinking about stopping screenings of The Dark Knight Rises after the terrible shooting in Aurora, Colorado. I’m not trying to be snarking, smart, funny, or disrespectful in my following statement at all but…Is that what Batman would want? The iconic hero has always stood up against evil even when the odds are overwhelming. Does cancelling screenings of his film send the right message? I think cancelling the film for the time being lets people know “hey, if you do something stupid and hurtful towards others, it’s going to disrupt our lives.” Batman doesn’t go out of his way to make criminals comfortable and allow them to disrupt peoples lives.

I understand the view that cancelling the film is a show of respect for those who were unfortunately taken from their loved ones. But I propose that the movie going on is a better show of respect that we don’t forget them, we don’t let criminals ruin our lives, and justice will not tolerate such offenses.

2 comments for “Warner Brothers considers cancelling screenings of The Dark Knight Rises in wake of Colorado tragedy.

  1. Scully
    July 21, 2012 at 3:34 am

    I think the cancellations are to prevent copy cats and to thoroughly investigate and make sure this wasn’t part of a greater terror plot.

    • Peter
      July 21, 2012 at 6:47 pm

      I understand the belief of better safe than sorry, especially in situations like this. I understand canceling screenings for a day or two but the original report I read made it seem like cancellations would be much wider spread. I just dont think that stopping the movie from showing would stop someone either if they really wanted to do something. Crazy is crazy though and I guess thats why Im in such shock over this senseless act. I really dont understand crazy.

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