What’s next for the Dark Knight?


SPOILER ALERT!: The following post contains information from the recently released film The Dark Knight Rises! If you haven’t seen it yet and plan to, yooooou’ll probably want to avoid this post! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!




Christopher Nolan’s Bat-Trilogy has officially come to an end and already fans have begun to speculate as to what’s the next step for the Dark Knight? Nolan himself has stated several times that he is done with Batman, he’s told the story he wants to tell and that’s that. Most of the stars have also said that they would only be interested in returning for another Batman film if Nolan was involved. So pretty much folks that means that this incarnation of the Caped Crusader is done. But that does NOT mean we won’t be seeing Batman in the movies in the future. As we reported a few weeks ago, Rocksteady has plans in the work for the new Batman game that will introduce the Justice League into the “Arkham Asylum universe” of games, many believe this to be a ploy to introduce the team to new fans in build up to a live action movie.

Bringing the Justice League to the big screen would definitely be a big deal, but without Bale behind the mask the question falls as to who would play Batman? Unfortunately, the only RUMORED name I’ve heard so far is…no, I’m not making this up, Ryan Reynolds. Again, rumor has it that Green Lantern was a test to see if Reynolds could pull off the starring role of a superhero. Say what you will about the Green Lantern movie but apparently it was enough to keep the studios interested in him. Personal, I don’t think I could believe it and hope that Reynolds eventually gets to play “The Merc with the Mouth” in a Deadpool movie.

By the end of the Dark Knight Rises, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character of John Blake is revealed to actually be named “Robin John Blake” and has been given the location of the Bat-Cave by the now retired Bruce Wayne. There’s is certainly a story there worth telling, but could they pull it off? I’m not sure fans would shell out the same kind of cash for a Robin movie as they would a Batman movie. The same is being said for Anne Hathaway, who surprised skeptics with her portrayal of Selina Kyle. While there may be a story worth telling there, I doubt the studios will put their faith in another Catwoman movie after the Halle Berry debacle, even if it is following in Nolan’s footsteps. It comes down to the question of what’s the point of a Batman movie without Batman?

Sadly, the most logical step is probably just going to be another reboot. Like Superman, Spider-Man and many more before him it looks like Batmans only other option for coming back to the big screen besides a Justice League movie is unfortunately another reboot. Would you watch it though? We all know the story by now of how Bruce becomes Batman, so there’s no need to retell the same story there. If there is honestly a reboot already being discussed than I hope they go the route of Bruce is already fighting crime as the Caped Crusader. For it to work again, we need to take a hint from the Nolan series and utilize the larger Rogue’s Gallery of Villains that Batman has outside the Joker and Catwoman. Black Mask, Hush, Victor Zzazz, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze and more are all out there waiting for a serious interpretation without the stain of a Michael Schumacher film!

It may be a long time before we find out what’s next for the Dark Knight but then again, it may not be. Word keeps popping up about the WB working on their Justice League film and after the success of Marvel’s The Avengers, it’d be no surprise that DC tries to show off their own super team. So until next time readers, same bat-time, same bat-channel!

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