Last night was the series premiere of the US version of WILFRED on the FX network. Starring Elijah Wood as Ryan, who after a suicide attempt starts to see his neighbors dog Wilfred (reprised from the original show by Jason Gann) as a man in a dog suit who talks, smokes weed and drinks beer. When his neighbor Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann) asks Ryan to watch Wilfred for the day, Wilfred takes it upon himself to help Ryan get his life back on track and to “live life” instead of just walking through it. I enjoyed the show but have to admit most of the “laugh out loud moments” were in the commercials and previews. The show itself was much more serious and even darker than I expected but it didn’t take away from the enjoyment of the show.

Elijah Wood as Ryan & Jason Gann as Wilfred the Dog

┬áJason Gann without a doubt is the star of the show with all his “dog antics” like spinning in a circle before sitting on the couch. Elijah Wood is, as usual, great in the role as Ryan without taking away from the show itself. My only doubts about the show are whether or not it manages to hold my interest. While I enjoyed the first episode, I wasn’t completely taken with it. When the show ended, I didn’t feel like I need to watch more right then and there like I do about some tv shows. It’s certainly isn’t on the same “ridiculous” comedy level as other FX shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but for a show about a guy in a dog suit it’s a bit more subtle. My concern is that the way the show was promoted and how it actually was, were too different to meet most peoples expectations. Time will tell if it becomes another FX hit, but for now I’ll watch more of Wilfred but I won’t be terribly upset if I miss an episode or two.

PETER thinks people in animal suits are hilarious especially when they do people things like drink beer and talk.

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