WWE’s Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels VS Bret Hart

WWE’s Greatest Rivalries is a sit down interview between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart that is hosted by Jim “JR” Ross. Running just over two hours, the interview is sporadically broken up by video packages that essentially bring you up to speed on what was going on with Shawn and Bret in the WWE at the time they’re about to discuss, whether it be their early careers in the tag team division, moving into singles competition all the way up to the Montreal Screwjob and beyond. The story of Bret Hart being screwed in his last match with the WWE has been covered many times over now with both Bret and Shawn having spoken about it in their books, their DVDs, and it was well documented by A&E with “Bret Hart: Wrestling with Shadows.” What really isn’t spoken about much is the fact that apparently both men used to be pretty good friends when they started out.

Many of the stories covered surprised me and it was interesting to see these two men sit side by side and discuss how they felt. Early in the interview they look at each other and smile as they talk about playing baseball backstage with Mr. Perfect, but as the interview moves on the two have a hard time facing each other. You can old wounds sort of open up a bit as the two have different opinions on conversations that were held, what happened at certain times, etc. Shawn pretty consistently says “if he says it happened, it happened, but I don’t remember.” as he obviously looks to avoid confrontation.

This DVD is something ¬†fans that grew up watching the WWE product of the late 80’s and 90’s will really enjoy, as besides the interviews it features some great promos, and match highlights that you don’t see very often. Seeing the two talk about settling their issues with each other is particularly touching as both men tear up when they discuss how important it was for them both to make peace. At just over two hours, get in a nostalgic mood and prepare to hear some great stories from two absolute Legends in the world of professional wrestling.

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