All Good Things Must Come To An End, Some Sooner Than Others

By Peter Jurewicz

When we watch movies, we go into it knowing we are receiving a complete story, a definite beginning, middle and end. So when we watch television series, we don’t always have that luxury. Shows can be cancelled and we may never receive the precious answers we’ve been spending countless hours waiting for. For example, we’ll never know if John Connor makes it back from the future with the season 2/series finale ending of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. But sometimes, we get lucky and creators and producers of shows plan for the fact that they may not return for another season.

With my recent viewing of Marvel’s Wolverine & the X-Men: The Complete Series, I found that I was quite surprised by my feelings at the end. The show manages to wrap up a whole seasons worth of storylines and questions by the end, and leaves you with a simple image of what would have come, had the show continued. I found that while I wished the show had carried on, I was still happy with the ending and accepted it as something I could easily move on from. As the 90’s Batman cartoon proved, It’s not uncommon for an animated series to end and made for TV movies to continue the story later on. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see Marvel produce at least one direct to DVD movie tying up the few loose ends the show leaves. When it comes down to it, any fan of the X-Men franchise owes it to themselves to sit down and enjoy Wolverine & The X-Men on DVD, after all every single episode has audio commentary! (Everyone knows I LOVE audio commentaries!)

On the other side of the fence though, you sometimes find a show can out stay its welcome, as is the case with NBC’s Heroes. Heroes started out strong in both ratings and reviews, but after the Writer’s Strike brought a quite end to season 2, things seemed to go downhill quickly for the once beloved show. With seasons 3 & 4, Heroes saw dwindling ratings, poor reviews, and even massive disapproval of fans. You can only dangling the carrot for a massive Sylar vs. Peter Petrelli fight for so long, before fans give up hope of ever seeing it. If you tease the fans for too long, they will in fact stop caring and give up no matter how attached they’ve become to the characters. If you want to see how dedicated the Heroes fans stayed, walk into any DVD store that accepts trade ins and look at their TV section under H.

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