Allen Gregory Is No Arrested Development

I’ve seen some bad shows before but Allen Gregory pretty much takes the cake for the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever seen. ┬áThe animated FOX show follows the life of a stuck up seven year old (Allen Gregory, voiced by co-creator Jonah Hill) who’s predominately wealthy family is hitting hard times because of the recession. Allen Gregory’s father (voiced by French Stewart) continually “hints” to his life partner Jeremy (Nat Faxon) that he needs to find a job, as they send Allen Gregory to public school along with his adoptive Asian sister, Julie (voiced by Joy Osmanski). If Arrested Development was a cast of characters who you should hate but love, Allen Gregory is a cast of characters you hate with a passion. The only likable character in the whole lot is Jeremy who you only like because he’s constantly being walked all over by the other characters so you pity him.

The only time I can remember really laughing in the entire pilot episode is when Allen Gregory craps his pants after talking to his principal whom he has a crush on. Pretty much that description is the only funny moment in the entire thing. So I just saved you a half hour of your life. Allen Gregory’s Principal is a much older lady and the concept of a seven year old presumably having sex with someone close to retirement is not something I want to see insinuated. The show has moments that make you wonder why this piece of garbage even made it to air. Then Allen Gregory speaks and you remember it’s because it’s being produced by Jonah Hill and his usually funny movies seem like they’d translate well to a cartoon. Remember though, he didn’t write or create a lot of those movies he was in. Funny? Yes. His ideas? No.

The concept that we as American wants to see a rich, snobbish family deal with the recession is almost insulting. Today’s news is constantly filled with regular people struggling to get by so why would we want a cartoon about rich people worrying that they aren’t keeping their mansion? Sure, it worked for Arrested Development, but I guess the main difference is Arrested Development was well written and the actors made you love their otherwise horrible characters. In Allen Gregory, you want to reach through the TV and strangle every one of them. So do yourself a HUGE favor and avoid this show at all costs.

PETER wants to Congratulate FOX, you continue to make BAD TV shows and cancel the good ones.

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