Syfy is one of the cable channels that is becoming well known for it’s original tv shows. Warehouse 13, Haven, and of course the Ghost Hunters have all done pretty well for the channel. Alphas was being advertised somewhat like a cross between Law & Order and Wanted with a little bit of PUSH thrown in for good measure. The Alphas in this case a group of individuals with extraordinary powers working almost like a “secret police” to handle situations with other Alphas. I was really worried that the show wouldn’t work, that it would wind up being like Heroes which we all know crashed and burned in its later seasons. I wound up really enjoying the show, its story and the characters.

They were well written and seemed to be almost more rooted in reality then you would expect from a “superheroesque” show. All the characters, despite their amazing powers, have weeknesses and cons to their powers. Bill Yarken (played by Malik Yoba) has super strength that stems from his body’s “Fight or Flight” reaction, meaning after a few minutes of using his strength his body seemingly goes into shock. Rachel Pirzad (Azita Ghanizada) can enhance all of her senses, they even say in the show that she can read a New York Times from 10 blocks away. If she enhances one of her senses though, they others become dull. In the series premiere she is snooping around someones apartment using her sense of smell to find something only for the apartments’ owner to return, she never hears her cell phone ring to warn her because of using her sense of smell. I really enjoyed the character Gary Bell (Ryan Cartwright) who can see every electromagnetic and wireless spectrum, meaning he can see Television and the internet in mid air and manipulate it. He is often used to track cell phones in the show or look up security cameras as a “tech guy” for the team. The best part of the character is that he’s almost like a young Rain Man, often muttering and getting into pointless arguments.

Gary, Nina, Bill, Dr. Rosen, Warren & Rachel are The Alphas.

The premiere focuses on the team looking into a “Locked Room Murder” where a man in police custody is shot inside a room with no windows and only one door. We come to find that there is a rogue group of terrorist Alphas known as the Red Flag who are more than likely responsible, and in this case they are blaming a man known only as The Ghost with the powers to make others do whatever he wants. Using Cameron Hicks (Warren Christie) for his ability to make great shots and having great luck, the man is murdered and it brings in the attention of the Alphas. The show balances action, comedy and suspense well along with it’s science fiction plots. You never seem over run with laughs or having the super powers shoved in your face. You are given time to accept that this is just like any other crime show out there. For me, I think Alphas is going to be a new Monday night favorite and I think you should check it out as well because it just may be one of your new favorites as well.

PETER enjoyed Alphas and is glad Syfy is finally doing something new that he enjoys. Lets face it, Ghost Hunters is getting kind of old and isn’t that entertaining anymore. I know what an EVP is, stop explaining it.

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