Anchorman 2: Just More Ron Burgundy

MV5BMjE5ODk0NjQzNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODk4MDA1MDE@._V1_SX640_SY720_I love Anchorman as much as the next guy and I readily admit to quoting it often. With that said, Anchorman 2 is just…OK. The whole cast returns to see the now married Ron and Veronica hoping to take over for the nations greatest news anchor, only to find out he doesn’t want Ron at all. The plot is actually pretty solid and the story, like many sequels, is predictable but new. The main problem is actually Ron Burgundy himself. Commercials, late night talk shows, hell, even the NFL has seen Will Ferrell show up as Ron to do interviews and stay in character the entire time. There has been so much promotion for Anchorman 2 with Will as Ron that by the time you see Anchorman 2, Ron just isn’t quite as funny anymore.

The film relies heavily on redoing old jokes. News Team fights, lots of cameos, Brick acts weird and Ron doesn’t quite understand things. The “new” jokes are few and far between and are more worth a chuckle than the laugh out loud jokes from the original. True, no one goes into a sequel expecting it to be as good as the original but I think we were all expecting a little better from Apatow and team. Heck, by the end of the movie I wanted to reenact a scene from the first film with me in Jack Blacks role and the boy that plays Ron and Veronica’s son as Baxter. (I wanted to punt him is what I’m trying to say here!) Even in the final 15 minutes with cameo after cameo I was more surprised at how much money they had to spend to get these actors than anything else.

Anchorman 2 isn’t bad. It’s just not what we all hoped it would be. It is worth seeing though, months from now when you can rent it off On Demand or Redbox. Save a couple bucks and wait this one out guys. I’m sorry, I’m really, really sorry.

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