ARROW: The Video Game

Arrow    As we tend to do from time to time, we like to create what we think would be an AWESOME video game. Previously, we told you about our ideas for a retro-WCW themed video game that the WWE could release. Today, we’re taking a look at the superhero genre by creating our very own game for the hit CW show, Arrow. Starting off, we’d want Rocksteady to continue what they’ve done for superheroes in video games like Batman in the Arkham series, so to start off we’ll have them creating it.


Set in Star City, the game would take place in the actual TV show universe, after Laurel has taken over the mantel of Black Canary but prior to Diggle getting his Magneto helmet and Olivicity or Feliciver, whatever you wanna call them, become an official item. The story of the game would be an original one as opposed to focusing on an actual story line from the game. Much like that Batman games, you’re working solo for the most part. Felicity is your Oracle/Alfred in your ear, giving you info over the coms on baddies, plot points, or where you need to go next. Like in Arkham Knight, when you would team with Robin, Catwoman or Nightwing during certain missions, the same will be true here. Certain missions will allow you to team up with Diggle, Arsenal, The Atom and Black Canary on specific side or story missions. Allowing for epic team up moves that take down the baddies faster.


Since it is set in the CW Arrow-verse, Stephen Amell and his colleagues would all provide their own voices, and being the in-shape star that he is, Amell could even do motion capture for the game to really capture the realness of his movements! Let’s face it, we all hate when games replace actual stars with “sound alikes”, so we’d have to get the whole cast on board for sure.

Arrow's The Royal Flush Gang

Arrow’s The Royal Flush Gang

We could see several bad guys from the show make appearances, as well as new faces to the Arrow-verse or even cross over from the Flash. Maybe a mission where you have to take down Captain Cold and Heatwave. The Royal Flush Gang could be brought back in a new form and you have to stop their bank robberies. Gorilla Grodd could also make his way to Star City and have a very Arkham City Solomon Grundy-esque battle with him. Missions where Merlyn is sending you around town to solve mysteries, much like Azrael in Akrham City. With a whole world of characters to choose from, you could create some very interesting choices for the Emerald Archer like Onomatopoeia, Clock King, and more.


Count Vertigo

Count Vertigo

But who would be the big baddie? The Joker, Rhas Al Ghul and Scarecrow were pretty obvious choices for Batman, but Arrow has already used some of his bigger rivals on the show like Deathstroke, to have him return at least as the BIG Baddie seems like a let down. The point we’ve established in the shows timeline wouldn’t rule out Rhas Al Ghul but since he was one of the big bad guys in Arkham City you’ll probably want to avoid him as well. The Arrow-verse has already established that there are multiple names to go by the name of Vertigo, selling a hallucinogenic drug on the streets that can become lethal. This time to up the ante, we would be introduced to the actual COUNT Vertigo, ruler of a small European country called Vlatava. He has come to Star City to see that the problems with his drug being trafficked are finally dealt with, meaning he must deal with Team Arrow. On top of the hallucinogens, Count Vertigo would be armed with his patented eye patch “Vertigo effect” ray thingy on you, distorting your vision and making it harder to strike him which, with some Scarecrow like hallucination sequences, could be pretty fun.

To get around the city though? We know that vehicle travel is possible so having the Arrow cycle would be great, how ever we all know grappling is the way to go. Arrow could use his grappling arrow to quickly move about roof tops or you could stop and aim to make particularly far or distant shots if you don’t want to “quick grapple” to the nearest rooftop you’re looking at.

The one downfall to this game? It’s inevitably going to be compared to Batman and the Arkham series. Hell, even in my fictional creation of it, I had to compare it to Arkham games several times for you to understand what I was getting at! I’m sure a team like Rocksteady could take a concept like this and actually make it less Batman lite and more kick ass Arrow than I could. But hey, the concept is there! What do you guys think? Would an Arrow game work? If not, who would you like to see get the proper video game treatment? Let us know in the comments below!!

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