Battlecruiser: Saatori Legacy & Death of a Dynasty

By Peter Jurewicz

Battlecruiser (II): The Saatori Legacy is:

Written by David Schleifer

Artwork 3D Modeled by Renderosity & Runtime DNA

Battlecruiser VII: Death of a Dynasty is:

Written by David Schleifer

Battlecruiser: The Saatori Legacy is the second graphic novel in a follow up series based on the Battlecruiser novel series. Humankind is at war with an alien race known as the Drazakii. In this most recent installment, Colonel Aramov is leading the Battlecruiser Pegasus on a mission to start invading Drazakiian space. The Pegasus, led by Commander Daria becomes stuck in the middle of an elaborate trap, spearheaded by the Doomsday machine The Saatori Legacy. Constructed by the Drazakiian’s new leader with a AI mind programmed to believe itself to be the deceased Saatori himself.

Battlecruiser VII: Death of a Dynasty is the final novel of the Battlecruiser series. With a new Admiral at the head of the Drazakiian army and a brand new bio-weapon threaten to end the war in their favor. But Commander Daria and the crew of the Pegasus don’t plan to let that happen as they attempt to finally bring the war to an end and restore peace to the galaxy!

When I got started reading both books I was surprised at how very different they were. In fact, they almost seem aimed at two completely different audiences. The Saatori Legacy’s story seems more like what you would find for a younger audience. Non-stop action with ground and space battles can easily captivate a young imagination and draw them into the Battlecruiser series. The art is all 3D rendered, and sometimes can be a bit awkward at times. Frames are set up more like a TV show at times with long shots that make you strain your eyes to see whats going on. However it also is something I’ve personally never seen in a comic format before, and at time the “TV style” plays well with the fast paced action of the writing.

In stark contrast, Death of a Dynasty seems to be for a more adult audience. Action scenes are slower paced and he seems to take his time more in developing the story, where as Saatori Legacy everything was quick and instant almost. I enjoyed the slower pace and felt I was able to get a better feel for the characters in the novel as opposed to the comic book format. Though I often found it hard to follow some of the action scenes, David Schleifer’s military background really comes out here as he uses a lot of call signs, terminology and military lingo that can lose someone who doesn’t know much about it.

Overall, though both books have their faults they are enjoyable to readers who are fans of similar franchises like Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and even a bit of Star Wars (theres a lot of big and crazy weapons in this franchise!) All the books are available to buy on and author David Schleifer is at the Miami Book Fair all weekend! He will be at both the Authorhouse booth and Jones Harvest Publication booth so if you stop by this weekend, bring your books to get signed or pick them up from him there!

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