Beach Boys Reuniting for a 2012 Tour!

The iconic band known for their surfer tunes are reuniting for a 50th anniversary tour with 50 stops! ¬†Brian Wilson, David Marks, Bruce Johnston, Al Jardine and Mike Love will reunite for the tour as well as going into the studio to record a brand new album. Brian Wilson released a statement saying “This anniversary is special to me because I miss the boys, and it will be a thrill for me to make a new record and be on stage with them again.” The band has already rerecorded “Do It Again” with additional sessions booked for this month. ¬†Though the band has been touring with different line ups for years, this would be the first time since the late 90s the most of the line up has performed together for more than an “one time deal.”

Al Jardine noted that once the legal battles were over that all the hostility between band mates disappeared. “All that stuff is long forgotten” adds Mike Love. The Beach Boys will kick off their 50 date tour in New Orleans at the Jazz Festival in April 2012. After having only seen “Mike Love’s Beach Boys” once at Disney’s EPCOT, I personally hope they make a local stop so I can hear the real deal!

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