BEING HUMAN: Three Deaths In One Episode

EDITOR NOTE: Dana from Being Fans returns with this weeks review of Syfy’s Being Human!


This episode was a game changer.  The lives of our monsters our changed, some more so than others, and the events that happened this week on SYFY’s Being Human cause more than a few course corrections.


The bulk of this episode dealt with werewolf excitement.  Whether “tsk tsking” Josh’s lies about his involvement or the purebred twins dragging Aidan into a death run through the woods, in attempts to save the newly-turned vampire cop Cecilia (which he didn’t do, death number one), the wolves ran amok.  Plus, Josh and Nora’s relationship crashed this week, though not before putting the viewers through an emotional roller coaster ride first.  Nora, whether through the twins manipulation or because of the strength of her wolfs’ pull, decided she WANTS to give into the urges that come as part of the package deal of turning each month.  The REALLY shocking is how automatically accepting of the pack she is, the insta-bond. Even when they were telling her that she could do better than Josh and she defended her relationship, she still referred to the twins as friends.  Of course the problem here—the way she now feels is EXACTLY what Josh hates.  I actually felt proud of Josh for sticking to his guns about this, even if it meant that he and Nora could no longer continue their relationship. His stance on the wolf represents his most important and passionate belief (he doesn’t talk much about Judaism), and even if it means he can’t be with the wolf-girl he loves, he will not bend, not an inch. Nora said it, he started their relationship because he wanted to be normal, and even though she tells him that THIS is his reality, it’s not the reality he wants.

I only hope this isn’t the end of Nora on the show.  Yes, the story revolves around our three main monsters, but fans everywhere have really fallen in love with Nora.  Ideally, we’d love to see her “come back to the light side” and continue her relationship with Josh, but currently that cannot happen.  However, her newfound commitment to her wolf pack and the fact that Aidan shot and KILLED Connor (death number two) might just bring her around despite the break up.  She stared daggers at our favorite vampire, and might be in the mood for revenge. We already know she feels no remorse in taking a life if she believes it’s justified.

Aidan’s story this week was the least life changing, he basically played werewolf clean up, a potentially deadly game.  Clearing up Hegemon’s death? Check. Get rid of cowardly Dutch poking around Boston? Check. Josh and Nora out of trouble? Check.  Unfortunately, as stated previously, he had to kill a purebred werewolf to take care of business, and so the list of beings that want Aidan dead grows.  The interesting part of Aidan’s story this week happened during his confrontation with Josh.  Aidan reminds Josh that he’d asked Josh to pull him out of the vampire world, and feels instead that Josh’s actions kicked him in deeper.  I had thought that Aidan had already fallen deeply into that world, but the fact that he can still remember his plea to Josh, the fact that he chide Josh means that he has SO much deeper to fall in.  Well, maybe that’ll bring us more James Bishop. Looking for silver linings, here.

Lastly, Sally.  Her world COMPLETELY flipped upside down when she learns that the reaper has come to right the wrong of her missing her door. His job is to balance the chaos of the after life, and currently Sally’s presence tips the scales in the wrong direction.  In an extremely sad scene, she tells the reaper that she feels she has no reason to fight him from taking her.  She has no purpose in the afterlife and the one thing that made her happy, her relationship with Josh and Aidan, now causes her pain since they found other people to deal with, leaving her alone.  One curious thing, the reaper said their abnormal (aka non-violent and chatty) interaction piqued his interest and made him believe Sally might be special. I’m thinking that Sally isn’t going to go quietly into the great beyond.  Our Sally is strong. She’s a fighter.  But, she’s also quite understanding.  The fact that she has helped a few ghosts find their door, and one ghost move on from his death cycle makes me wonder if Sally might become a new breed of reaper, one that keeps balance without the ghost violence.  Sally made our hearts hurt this week, particularly at then end when we found her practicing her goodbyes and ends up curled up next to the place she died, totally alone.  But where her story might be going is also incredibly exciting.

While Sally’s story astonished me, it also contained some plot that left me feeling a little underwhelmed. This week, we discover that Danny got shanked in prison (I swear, that boy can’t get along with anyone) and he and his newfound ghosty powers wanted Sally’s head on a fireplace poker.  Sounds very exciting, right? The problem is, their not-so-happy reunion ended before it started.  Danny stood on the verge of killing Sally, in that green, sparkly light way that they do, when the reaper shows up and kills Danny instead (death number three).  Danny represented a severely important character in Sally’s life.  To bring him back only to kill him within five minutes didn’t do the character, their relationship, or the plot any justice.  Even Nick had more substance in his episode.  Being Human had so far proved that they know how to use it’s side character, but this week, I was more than a little disappointed at how they chose to deal with Danny.

The only other element this week that made my brow furrow was how they chose to deal with Aidan’s silver knife.  I’m not totally sure that it warranted a ret-conned scene, especially one that didn’t make sense on a character level.  I personally don’t really see Josh giving Aidan a knife. Part of the reason I think Josh chose to live with Aidan in the first place was because Aidan knows how to take care of himself.  I think I’d see Josh giving the weapon to Nora, once she knew his secret and before he knew he’d turned her, before Aidan.  I had thought perhaps they’d use it as an object of recognition.  When Josh’s wolf tore after Aidan in the woods, the wolf would somehow see the knife and know Aidan…but that wasn’t the case. And who knows, maybe it will come into play later and I get to say OH! THAT’S why they did that.

All in all, the episode was spectacular.  The moment Aidan shoots Connor was one of the more shocking things in the series. It was sudden and unexpected, and had a perfect beat of stunned silence before all the emotions started pouring out.  In an almost throw away line, Josh is making some kind of progress in his cure research – just a little reminder to us that he’s still working, which is appreciated.  I feel like this episode was a huge turning point, and possibly a point of no return for some characters.

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