BigDamnLOSER: Getting Fit for Comic-Con or BUST

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This past new year, myself and a few of my friends realized we needed to kick things into overdrive as far as our health goes. We aren’t all out of shape (like me) but want to live healthier and happier lives. Like most people with New Years resolutions, we kind of staggered or fell back into our old ways within the first few weeks so we’re taking it to the next level by sharing our own victories and failures here with you guys! Personally, I want to get into better shape and my goal is to do so before the “Con Season” later this year, so we all decided to try a variety of different things. So we’re starting the new BigDamnLOSER series where we’re going to feature different exercise routines, healthy recipes and snacks, and other ideas!!

Do you have a personal work out routine or something that’s worked great for you? Maybe you have some healthy recipes you’d love to share? Let us know by visiting the Contact Us page and sending it our way. We’ll share it (and give credit where credit is due, of course!)

Check back as we start our journeys to better, healthier geek lives!

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