BIGdamnREWIND: The Adventures of Pete & Pete: Halloweenie!

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The BIGdamnREWIND continues with “Halloweenie”, the Halloween themed episode from season two of the Nickelodeon classic The Adventures of Pete & Pete. When faced with the a gang of Pumpkin wearing thugs named the “Pumpkin Eters”, the Pete’s find that if the gang isn’t stopped then this year will be the last Halloween in Wellsville! For me, as a kid, Halloweenie was the end all be all of Halloween episodes. To this day, it’s tradition for me to watch the episode in October, and then rewatch it with commentary from the show creators and the Pete’s themselves. The show, aside from being the usual great fun that Pete & Pete always was, was also a great story that I appreciate more as an adult. The episodes story with Big Pete dealing with Halloween as he grows up is really a story that most kids go through. You get older, trick or treating becomes “lame and old” and eventually you may even smash a pumpkin.

Like many of the episodes, we see the age difference between the two Petes come into play as Little Pete wants to break the Trick-Or-Treating record and Big Pete just doesn’t want to get beat up and called a “Halloweenie.” Dressed as Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, the two go from door to door to beat the Wellsville record of how many houses they can get candy from, all while being hunted by the Pumpkin Eters. All great “Holiday Episodes” always mean a little more in showing the spirit behind holidays, whether it be Halloween or Christmas. In this particular case you can really see that the writers (in their own words) challenged kids to not grow up, stay friends with your siblings and challenge the status quo. The 90’s “cheese factor” is there of course, with the costumes, sets and graphics they used. So if you have Pete & Pete on DVD, pick up season 2 and pop in Halloweenie before the time has passed, you Blowhole! Don’t forget to keep checking back for more pieces on some of the most memorable Halloween movies, TV episodes and books! BIGdamnREWIND goes Halloween!! Don’t forget to check out our review of the ENTIRE Pete & Pete series here!


PETE loves the Adventures of Pete & Pete, Halloween and the fact that Iggy Pop wears a cardigan and calls someone a “Stooge” in this episode along with saying “Love Hurts.”

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