CM Punk: Best In The World DVD Review

Arguably the Best Professional Wrestler in the world today, CM Punk finally gets his first DVD set from the WWE containing both a documentary and 2 discs worth of his best matches in the WWE (and even an OVW match.) Best in the World is quite possibly one of the best DVD sets I’ve ever seen produced by the WWE as the documentary doesn’t avoid his time on the indy circuit at all and features a LOT of footage from his time in Ring of Honor and even earlier with other promotions. Interviews include not only current WWE superstars but names like Colt Cabana and Chris Hero (both using those names, no Scotty Goldman here!) along with my of Punk’s own friends like Lars Frederiksen. As always, Punk is open and honest in his interviews as he shares his desire to be the best and to be respected as such.

As always, the imagery, interviews and audio are all top notch quality as you’d expect from a WWE production. They’ve spared no expense on this one securing the rights to music that fits Punk’s style as the footage from indy wrestling companies. If you’re a fan of Punk or just modern pro wrestling, this DVD is a must own. Don’t just watch it on Netflix or steal your buddies. Spend your hard earned money and go out and buy this. Matches included on the DVD include an OVW match against Brent Albright along with matches from his ECW run against Justin Credible, John Morrison. His Money in the Bank ladder match from Wrestlemania XXIV is included along with his numerous WWE and World Heavyweight title match from 2009 to today featuring names like Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho and John Cena. With a run time of over 7 hours, this isn’t just a DVD, it’s a Pipe Bomb!

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