CM Punks UFC debut delayed for back surgery.

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Now, I am not a UFC guy but I am a CM Punk guy. (And a Paul Heyman Guy but that’s another story!) So when I heard that former pro-wrestler CM Punk would be heading into the octagon and compete in the UFC I figured I would actually take an interest in how he does. Punk has now been signed by the UFC for almost two years and has not had one fight yet. Physical problems continue to push back his debut which many expected to be either at UFC 199 or UFC 200 this summer against Mickey Gall. Now in Pro Wrestling, you can pull off this kind of stunt. Hell, the Rock announced he would be wrestling at Wrestlemania 28…at WRESTLEMANIA 27! We waited a whole year to see Rock vs Cena, but in pro wrestling the Rock could show up every couple of weeks or do a remote shoot and lay the verbal smackdown. But in UFC, that doesn’t seem to work as well.

A lot of people gave Punk the benefit of the doubt when he announced his UFC signing and accepted he would need time to rest up from his tremendous WWE schedule, he would need to train, and that all of that would take time. Now, almost two years later and just a few days after learning who his first opponent would be, Punk announces he is going to need to have back surgery. Sorry, Punk. I know you can do whatever you put your mind to, but I just think that fans are tired of waiting and that the impact of his first fight just isn’t going to have the desired effect that Dana White was probably hoping for.

Now I am not trying to bash Punk here. I certainly hope Punk the best for his health, like the recent retirement of WWE’s Daniel Bryan, we don’t want to see him in horrible shape as he gets older just for our entertainment. But I do think that he should have taken care of all these nagging problems before signing with UFC. The prolongment of his UFC debut is actually hurting his debut more than anything else where as a healed and trained Punk making a more immediate debut in the octagon would have had a larger impact and probably have done bigger numbers then what may come. I’m sure it’ll still be a huge debut when he does step in to fight, but I can’t help but think it could have been bigger.

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