Details, Details, Details…

I can’t watch a show and not pay attention to details. I’m used to shows like X-Files and LOST where tiny little details may come back later to be really important plot points. So when something is focused on and it’s made to seem important I take notice. Anyone who follows me on twitter (@BigDamnGeeks) knows that I’ve been on a Smallville and Battlestar Galactica kick recently. I’ve been watching both shows from the beginning and have never seen either all the way through (though Smallville is currently in it’s last season and therefore not complete yet.) So it’s only natural for me to get mad when the shows begin to contradict themselves or ignore details that seemed important before.

I’ll start with Battlestar Galactica since it’s a small detail that kind of got brushed aside. During season 1 Starbuck crashed on a desert planet and injured her knee. Upon being rescued she’s told her knee can’t handle the G’s of flying a Viper. Maybe after hearing that I missed the Doc saying “For a couple of weeks.” or “for this mission.” but soon Starbuck is flying a hollowed out Cylon Raider instead. Was the injury just brushed aside? Did I miss a little info? Someone fill me in because a few episodes later she’s back in a Viper. I know some Battlestar fans follow the blog so if anyone can clue me in and end my annoyance, I’d be eternally grateful!

Kneel Before Zod!

Next up is Smallville, which to me takes the cake for turning a characters personality around. When Clark first encounters Jor-El it seems that he has been sent to Earth not just to survive, but to be it’s conqueror. Jor-El is constantly pressuring Clark to take action, that he will one day rule over the human race and be their leader. Now you can try and tell me that the fact that Jor-El is voiced by Terrence Stamp, General Zod in Superman II, was maybe a precursor for plans to make Jor-El actually Zod, and the real Jor-El shows up later or some other nonsense. But the fact is in the show, he starts out as a downright bastard of a father.

Over the next two or three seasons, Jor-El and Clark are constantly at odds to the point where Jonathan and Martha Kent almost forbid Clark from going to “see” him. (He’s a disembodied voice after all.) But then all of a sudden, Jor-El is the good guy who has in fact been trying to save our World and everyone was just too stubborn to listen. No more talks of conquering, but saving the world instead. Suddenly Jor-El, isn’t such a bad guy after all. Pardon my French, but What The Heck?! It’s a total 180 of the character and really grinds my gears. A friend once told me that Smallville wouldn’t get good until around season 5 or so and boy was she right. The first few seasons have their moments, enough to keep me watching obviously, but man are there some stinker episodes in there too. The cast keeps the show going, but apparently it took a few seasons for the producers to realize they might need better writers!

Ugh! Details, Details, Details…

Peter Jurewicz gets way too involved in his TV shows like an old lady does in her soap operas. He has an annoying knack for detail that sometimes bites him in the ass. He’s really just cranky because he was awoken by his cat today when he wanted to sleep in.

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