Doctor Who “Asylum of the Daleks” Review


It’s been a long and strange journey to get here but I can say for a fact that as of the arrival of the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) I am now for the first time, up to date on my Doctor Who. I rushed to try and be up to date for last night’s premiere but I JUST fell short as I watched last seasons finale as the new season premiered. So it was today with great eagerness that I sat down and watch Asylum of the Dalek, the season premiere On Demand and let me say, God Bless on Demand.

Doctor Who has proven a lot of things to me and through watching it all sort of back to back I’ve learned to appreciate some of the “bigger picture” moments of the show and to see the message/point that they try to get across sometimes. I’ve had great laughs, a few good cries, and some moments where I just couldn’t understand how the good Doctor was going to get out of this one. Tonight, however, I can say that Doctor Who gave me my first “HOLY SHIT” moment. Yes, if there were an ECW crowd watching Doctor Who they would without a doubt be chanting “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” at the close of this episode.

The premise is a simple one. The Daleks have kidnapped the Doctor, Amy and Rory because they need them to go somewhere they are actually too afraid to go. The Daleks? Afraid? What could be so sinister these masters of extermination are afraid to go there themselves? The Asylum of the Daleks. A whole planet set aside for the insane and damaged Daleks that are incapable of being controlled. A strange sound that is heard on the planet that causes the Daleks to send in the Doctor when music is heard from deep in the planet. When they learn the music is being played by a woman who has crashed on the Asylum planet it’s Doctor and company to the rescue!

I actually enjoyed the premiere a lot more than last season’s finale, which was kind of a let down actually. Asylum of the Daleks gives you the idea that the cast and crew have taken out all the stops for this season and with some of the promotion they’re doing, you almost get the feeling that it’s more like a series of made for TV movies and less of TV episodes. It’s a big time feel for the Doctor that has me excited! Are you ready for more??? I know I am!

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