Enough with the Superkicks Already.

With the fact that professional wrestling has been around since the 19th century, I think it would be fair of me to say that wrestlers using someone elses signature move or finishing move is going to happen eventually. It took years though for Stone Cold Steve Austin to use the Lou Thesz Press, a move literally named after the guy because he used it so much. Dozens of wrestlers use an emulate Macho Man Randy Savages Top Rope Elbow Drop or use the Ankle Lock as a finishing submission hold. However, one move above all others has in the modern era of pro wrestling been used so frequently that I feel like it’s been over used and almost bastardized. That move? The Superkick.

While he wasn’t the first or last to use the move, the Superkick was popularized by one “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels after his break-up with his Rockers Tag Team Partner, Marty Jannetty. It would come to be known as “Sweet Chin Music” as Michaels would “Tune Up The Band” by stomping in the corner before delivering the devastating kick that more times than not led to the end of the match. Fast forward to today and the move is often imitated and rarely to never ends a match but always gets a reaction from the crown due to the impact and noise of the leg slapping kick.

So my argument is ENOUGH! Enough with the damn superkicks! You’ve taken a great move and ruined it. Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, Rusev, The Young Bucks, etc, etc. They all use the move or a variation of it and it never ends the match. It’s like when John Cena did the rebound Stone Cold Stunner off the ropes that never ended a match. If it doesn’t end a match and it’s someone elses finisher, you’re ruining the damn thing! OK, the next WWE Pay Per View event I’m going to count the amount of Superkicks used during the event because I feel like it’s so greatly overused today.

In closing, let me reiterate my point. Stop it. Enough with the gat dang Superkicks. Stop slapping your leg and shoving your foot in your opponents face. Unless, your HBK himself, just stop. Give it awhile and then use it as a legit finish OR there needs to be a meeting of the wrestlers and they all have to decide WHO gets to use it because right now too many people are.

“Thank you very much and have a good day!” – The Iron Sheik

Pete is a wrestling mark and is angry that too many people are using a once popular finishing move and now it doesn’t even end the match. We get it, you look up to Shawn Michaels, we all did. But just because we were all Hulk Hogan fans doesn’t mean we all need to start leg dropping everyone. Stop it.

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