Geek Gift Guide: Prepare For The Zombie Holiday!

EDITOR’S NOTE: BDG is proud to have guest blogger Gracie joining us for this edition of the Geek Gift Guide! She’s bringing you a few ideas to help you survive the holiday and, of course, the coming zombie apocalypse! Make sure you follow her on twitter @GracieLOLiver & her blog at!


Zombie Combat Survival Handbook





Available at:

Don’t think you can stand up against hungry Zombies during the Apocalypse? Well no worries this might be the perfect book for you!  In this in depth guide to all things Zombie fighting  you’ll learn comprehensive techniques to make sure you win a head to head battle against the undead!

PRICE: $14.99




The Combat Guide shows you some great ways to stay safe!





Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game


Available Here:

In this fast paced strategy board game players choose either Humans or Zombie’s and must work together in either scenario. Objectives are either to survive the night as Humans or fight relentlessly in hordes spreading your Zombie plague.

PRICE: $30.17


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