BigDamnEats Bacon, Egg, Cheese Pizza

I know, sounds funky. But get yourself a napkin, cuz you’re going to drool


This is geek food because it’s pizza… with bacon… and eggs. If my obsession with ThinkGeek has taught me anything, geeks love bacon. And pizza and eggs are both mathematically significant in some way. I dunno, I was into chemistry and biology. Different kind of math. What was I was I saying?

Oh yeah, the recipe. Couldn’t be easier, make a cheese pizza. If you’re using frozen or premade, go to step two, if you’re an overachiever then make sure to prebake. The dough needs more time to cook, unless you’re into that. Now on to STEP TWO! Crack an egg but don’t break it all the way. Use the shell to spread the whites then plop the yoke wherever you want. Use two to four eggs, depending on the size of your pizza. Then just cover it in bacon. You can also use bacon bits if you don’t have regular bacon on hand, or don’t feel like waiting for the regular bacon to cook. So pop that shit into your 400° preheated oven (shit did I not mention that you need to preheat? That’s wicked important), go play Arkham City for 19-24 minutes, then take it out. Five minutes to cool, cut, then noms! You’ll know it’s done by the yellows of the eggs being solid and the bacon having a Canadian bacon like quality.

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