BigDamnEats: Butter Beer

In honor of the fine lady over at Bold Brash Beauty and her impending Birthday Bash of Doom, this week’s geek recipe is the Butter Beer cocktail.


Any book nerd worth their salt knows what butter beer is but, if your fantasy books had more hobbits than gingers, butter beer is the wholesome comfort drink that the youths of the wizarding world enjoy. The books describe butter beer as “a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch” and there are entire web circles dedicated to muggle recipes, each with their own interpretation of the taste. This cocktail is based on interpretation by the creative execs of Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Most reviews of what you can drink at the park is “well technically it’s supposed to be served warm but I don’t care because it’s liquid crack.” seriously, I know people who will give up their daily Starbucks dialysis (a requirement for most of Universal Orlando’s employees) for a serving of the 16 oz of sugar overdose. The taste is some where between cream soda and God’s cum. Oh and it has this magically head of foam that tastes like a whipped cream cloud and inexplicably self replicates. Despite the name, it is non-alcoholic, but it will give you a sugar buzz similar to really good cocaine and a Cinco De Mayo hangover if you don’t hydrate along with it.

The cocktail, however, will get you fucked up.

The mix couldn’t be simpler. Get yourself whipped cream flavor vodka and ginger ale. To be as close to the taste from WWoHP’s recipe, I swear you have to use Pinnacle vodka and Vernor’s ginger ale if you want it to be exact. There might be higher end flavored vodka but why pay more when this tastes just fine? Pinnacle’s whipped cream vodka is mellow and settles into the drink quite well. It’s got a nice sweetness to it that makes it as easy to drink as spraying whipped cream into your mouth. Don’t lie, we all do it. If you have another whipped cream vodka you prefer, that’s fine but you must use Vernor’s Ginger Ale. Vernor’s is the only ginger ale that makes this dead on to the drink you can buy at the Three Broomsticks. It’s the only one with a heavy enough sweetness and has enough ginger flavor to cut through but does not oppress the other favors. The drink itself is a one to one mix but feel free to adjust to taste… or tolerance. you can even through some whipped cream on top to simulate the head (and what’s a night out without a little head?)

Side effects include : cavities, diabetes, sugar crash, rapid intoxication, and may lead to games of Quidditch.


also hairloss….

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