In our first ever Geek Showdown we’re pitting the Alien/Machine combos from Doctor Who and Star Trek against one another! We asked you to vote and let us know who YOU thought would win in a battle of intergalactic proportions! Would the Daleks learn that Resistance Is Futile or would the Borg be Exterminated?!

Lets take a look at our competitors first!

The Borg
From a homeworld deep in the Delta Quadrant, The Borg are responsible for more death and destruction than any other race in the Star Trek Universe. Sharing a collective consciousness, The Borg act as one through out the universe as they assimilate other races and add their technological and biological distinctiveness to their own. The Borg are capable of adapting their shielding to any weapon and working as one unit to quickly overwhelm their enemies. Their battle cries include the looming statemnt of “Resistance is Futile.”

A race bioengineered to hate everything that is different, the Dalek are responsible for wiping out the Time Lords during the last Great Time War. Though they too were thought to be dead, half a million at least survived and returned to torture, destroy and exterminate! A small alien living inside a giant, destructive battle armor, The Dalek feature numerous weapons as well as their own shielding. The Dalek are known for their cry of “EXTERMINATE!”

Like they have before in the past, The Borg attempted time travel to destroy the Federation but they unknowingly landed in the middle of a Dalek fleet. With each side boarding the other the battle was fierce with the Borg taking an initial lead, adding the Daleks technology to their own. But a Dalek borg is just a little hunking alien and were unable to use their own armor, leading the Dalek to come back and turn the tide against the Borg leaving their Cube and drones floating lifeless and cut off from the collective.

By a landslide of votes, The Dalek win the first ever Geek Showdown!! Don’t agree? Check back next Wednesday and see what other pop culture icon we pit against one another!

This was our first try and most voting was taken through Twitter @BigDamnGeeks so if you aren’t on twitter and want to participate, we’ll do our best to make it easy for you to participate!

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