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EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a special guest post by the BEING HUMAN Fans themselves, Dana & Kristi Hahn, just in time to get you caught up on the goings on of Syfy’s Being Human season 2! Check back as we hope they continue to keep us up to date on the goings on of Being Human! Follow them on twitter @BeingFans


By Dana and Kristi Hahn

Doubts and reservations colored the start of SYFY’s new season of Being Human. Second seasons are difficult, considering that Being Human was based on an immensely popular UK show, and would be deviating from the original version, branching out in all the rumored directions, caused more than a few raised eyebrows.

The writers promised fans darker storylines. They promised journeys deeper into the monster mythos, our heroes would get tangled in trouble. So far so good.

Sally the Lonely Ghost

Last season, Sally finished her unfinished business, got her door to move on, however she decided it was more important for her to tend to her roommates. This season, Sally’s efforts turn to how she can move on in this plane. When she’s not focusing on that, she’s trying to make herself as human as possible, which sounds like a good thing, but has dire consequences not just for our gal Sal, but also for everyone in contact with her.

The bottom line for Sally in season two… she’s lonely. Her roommates are wrapped up in their own dramas, which makes her feel isolated, but mostly, her feelings of abandonment come from being a ghost that desires to be something, or someone else. Sally wants human contact. She longs for human affection. Sadly, every path she travels in attempt to find happiness and contentment is ripped away from her and contains sinister consequences.

Sally tried to find a way out of the after life by attempting to be reincarnated as a baby, only to realized she would put an innocent life at risk. Her venture, to find love in an old flame, Nick, the ghost who seemed cursed to relive his death everyday, led to the to the discovery that not only is he dating a HUMAN, but the human Sally tried to assist. She embarks on a dark path that leads to possession. She ignored all the warning bells, which rang loudly declaring what a dangerous and addictive path she was on. Sally’s selfish endeavors of sleeping with the sexy Dr. Tim while possessing his girlfriend end with Sally cracking the poor woman’s mind.

At every turn this season, Sally is reminded that she’s destined to be alone; she has no hope, and no one to lean on. In the first episode she watches the now dead, snotty self centered Prom Queen from her past get her door because Sally helps her realize what a Promzilla she truly was. Even being reunited with her mother in death, ends in sorrow for Sally when she discovers she can’t depend on her own parent for the support she needs.

If that’s not enough, Sally is also being chased by a Reaper. In the first episode of the season, Sally lets a dark, menacing looking shadowy figure into her world through her dreams. While frightening, it hasn’t actually done anything to hurt Sally yet, but it does show up at interesting moments, and Sally believes it to be evil. Based on the promo for episode seven, it seems as though Danny may have been the one to send the reaper after Sally. It makes sense, she completely ruined his world (and lost him a great house), he might want to get back at her. Should that be the case, we’re predicting that Sally might get to do a little Krav Maga ghost fighting on the Reaper. She watched early in the season as one ghost completely destroyed another, and we were hoping that was foreshadowing for a ghost fight we’d love to see.

Current we are still expecting (and hoping) to see the sage-like Stevie the ghost again, we’re sure he has a few more lessons to pass on to Sally (Rob Naylor said on twitter to ‘stay tuned’ when we were chatting about if we’d see his character again). Maybe Stevie will teach her wax on wax off… Will the reaper be Sally’s big bad for the season? Or will Sally herself turn out to be the monster she has to fear the most. Stay tuned …

A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing

Josh had a simple plan coming into season two: go back to med school and start finding ways to care for the son he and Nora were expecting, except she lost the baby, and now she‘s a werewolf. So, “scratch” med school. (Get it?) It’s okay though, because Josh has a new simple plan: discovering a cure for he and Nora’s curse, after all he got them into this mess, and by God he’ll get them out.

For Josh, this season is about good intentions; too bad they are manipulated and mangled by those around him. His ex fiancé Julia came back into his life when Aidan inadvertently started dating her (in one of the most awkward and excruciating scenes in television history). He and Nora’s loving relationship now has the additional stress of what the wolf means to her, it very well might be different than Josh’s beliefs.

Two opposing forces are at work in Josh’s life. He tries, as he always has, to keep the wolf in check. Yes, he’s learning more about the wolf and how it interacts with him on a physiological level, but it’s all in the name of science. He still believes the wolf shouldn’t exist, he still believes the wolf is a curse.

Could the purebred wolf twins, Connor and Brynn, change that? They’re belief is at odds with Josh’s. Connor and Brynn believe it is their human side that limits and oppresses them. Connor is a charmer, but also has an abrasive way about him, one that doesn’t mesh well with Josh. Brynn, on the other hand, is easygoing, and has a down to earth vibe about her, almost completely contrary to her brother. Her calm manner makes it easier for Josh to connect with her. In what almost seems like a game of good cop/ bad cop, Connor swoops in loudly and crazily with an insane point to sell that no one would buy. Then Brynn comes in after, pretending to clean his mess, but all the while re-enforcing and putting a more gentle spin on Connor’s original point. Are Connor and Brynn two grifters working the long con? They’ve been very successful in making their sales, so far.

While not totally clear on their endgame, the wolves have managed to land Nora in trouble with the law, which has sent Josh into a spiral of neurotics that eclipses any we’ve seen from Josh this far. And since his roommates have their own troubles to deal with, Josh decides to go to the vampires for help, handing over the purebreds to them, and framing them for the murder of Hegemon, one of the 1000 year old Dutch vampires that was actually killed by Nora’s wolf. We’ve heard that the wolf/vampire story lines intersect at some point, and we’re beginning to see how. Nora’s killing of Hegemon alone is enough to send the vampire horde upon them, but Josh’s sending a newly made Vampire cop up against two purebred wolves? We’re thinking she’s not going to last…and Josh is going to pay on both the vampire and the werewolf front for his actions. In truth, the characters surrounding Josh are just as amazing to watch as he is. The other wolves add a rich and wonderful texture to his storyline, and always keeping us guessing at what might happen next? Josh continues to reel and attempt to recover quickly before the next blow strikes, and that makes for good TV.

The thing that scares us the most right now is Nora. She showed us that she’s prone to giving into violent urges and almost went after Josh’s ex. She was talked, quite easily, into killing her own ex. Nora enjoyed giving into her wolf. She liked the power it gave her. Yet we know she can’t live her life that way AND continue her relationship with Josh. If the thought of this couple not continuing together isn’t heart wrenching enough, we have a feeling that Nora will try and come back to Josh, saying she doesn’t want to give into the wolf, only to be aggravated by Josh’s ex Julia and decide to kill her too. Which will devastate Josh. Hyperventilating…

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

We were lead to believe this season of Being Human would delve into Vampire lore and dogma. That fact had some people worried, in that every vampire movie and TV show seems to explore this hierarchy. That’s all well and good, except the thing we love about Being Human is the fact that Aidan ISN’T involved in all of that, but instead is on a search for humanity. The first episode might have misled we the viewers to think it would be very vampire politics heavy, but the show doesn’t disappoint. Aidan’s story has visited his battle with his addiction in new and exciting ways while weaving in and out of his relationship with a family of vampire royalty.

At the end of last season, Aidan had rid himself of his maker Bishop and found the vampire counsel fancied him as a replacement to lead Boston. We quickly learn the Mother, a very old and manly looking vampire, would rather have her own daughter in charge, and she dangles the carrot of complete and utter freedom from vampire life in front of Aidan so he’ll play the game and get Boston back under control. The key to this season for Aidan, in our opinion, is a single line he says to Josh in the very first episode. He’s telling Josh that he’s going to have to become involved in vampire society and that there’s a chance that he will become something that Josh won’t recognize. He says, “And when…and IF that happens, Josh, I’m going to need you to somehow remind me what we started here.”

Aidan has several factors affecting his choices. The first is Princess Suren (we love saying that….), the bratty royal he’s attempting to help lead Boston. They have history, one that is slowly revealed to us over the course of several episodes. Aidan knew her in the 1930’s and struggled then and presently with if he’s in love with her or not. (Side note, we don’t think so. Honestly, we don’t think she loves him, either.) Helping Suren means gaining freedom from the vampire world. The second factor is Bishop’s orphans. Mother instructed Aidan and Suren to find and kill them, an instruction that Aidan finds distasteful, to say the least. And finally, the newest factor in Aidan’s life, Henry. Aidan turned Henry during World War I, had many conflicts with him in the 30’s, and he has now returned.

Here’s the problem. None of these factors can coexist. Suren and Henry cannot both exist in Aidan’s world…in any world, actually. While Aidan had a large falling out with Henry in the 30’s, Aidan is very clearly happy to see Henry again. We are reminded that Aidan didn’t like how things ended with Bishop, and it seems that he wants another go at a family. We saw “dad” Aidan all over the place in season one, once again it comes into play. He wants a relationship with his “son,” but also one with Suren. Another problem, Aidan doesn’t want to kill the orphans, yet if he does not, he will lose Suren and his freedom.

Oh, did we mention he’s live feeding again? A Lot! His blood supply from the hospital, the one that gave us our warm, cuddly, “I want to be human” Aidan has been cut off. We suspect Mother or Suren. We watched Aidan fall VERY far into darkness last week – so much so that he conjured up a dead Bishop to talk to and help him with his thought process. He has choices, but no matter which he makes, he can’t come out on top. He’s now becoming a different Aidan, the one that he’s been warning us about, the one that we’ve all been excited to see. Insert evil laugh here.

One last new factor that was added in last week, it seems that its possible that Aidan might actually want to lead Boston, and thus another choice he has to make. The scary thing about Aidan’s journey this season is that not only does he have a lot of “choose either A or B” decisions to make, but he’s doing so under the influence. Any choices or comments that he makes since he’s started live feeding HAVE to be called into question, because he LITERALLY is a different character with different viewpoints. This is where that statement to Josh comes into play. Is he turning into that creature that Josh has to save, or are we seeing the beginning of a new Aidan with a new purpose and calling in his life? We can’t wait to see, we only ask for more Bishop scenes…

All three characters have completely new and different challenges so far this season, yet all three are charging forth to very dark, lonely, and scary places. Each one needs the other to guide them from the shadows. They need each other, but are so far removed from each other that its seems they are destined to continue falling. We don’t think they’re descent is done. We wait patiently for the moment when they DO find each other, because THAT will be something amazing. Never would we ever have expected to wish the weekend would fly by so that we could get to Monday.

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