Goldberg Kills His Own Match Hype So He Can Reflect.

In todays age of Pro Wrestling it’s hard to pull off a surprise without news leaking to the internet. However, as fans we all still appreciate some kind of suspension of disbelief. So when Goldberg publicly states on Twitter and in various other media interviews that when Mania is over, he’s taking time off. So our CURRENT Universal Champion is taking time off to reflect after his title match with the Beast Incarnate this Sunday? Hmm, sounds like Goldberg’s current and possibly final run is coming to an end and that would mean he’s losing the title (“We deal with titles, not belts.” – Vince McMahon)



Goldberg even stated on the first episode of Edge & Christians Podcast of Awesomeness that he’s been miserable trying to keep in “Goldberg Shape” so that he looks like the Goldberg fans remember as opposed to being in better ring shape. Though he would later state that it’s all worth it for his son and wife to be able to see him perform, but he still insists he hates the current schedule even on a part time schedule. That his “body doesn’t know what to do being 50” and working out and eating so much. While we can’t fault Goldberg for wanting to look like his younger self, it would’ve been great to see Goldberg bring something new to the show. He’s gone so far as to say that fans should expect to see some more moves than his usual spear and jackhammer into a pin combo, so we’ll see what happens on the Grandest Stage of Them All, Wrestlemania. But in the end, all I want is a little bit of playing to the crowd to make us think “Hey, maybe he’ll stick around!” Suspension of Disbelief, dude. If somehow he wins tomorrow, I will officially put my foot in my mouth, just sayin.



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