House Hardy Halloween – WONDERFUL!!

Pro Wrestling can be strange and unusual. The Mantaur, The Undertaker, Papa Shango, and even as way back as the Executioners are all testament to the over the top nature of Pro Wrestling. However, the most BRILLIANT and WONDERFUL example of how weird Pro Wrestling can be comes from the Broken/Woken Mind of Matt Hardy in the former of a WWE Network exclusive, House Hardy Halloween! Taking the best elements of Hardys Broken/Woken character and it’s universe has led to a tremendous holiday special that is reminiscent of the kind of thing you’d see from the WWF in the late 80’s and Early 90’s. Characters had special powers to make them over the top and strong, like the Ultimate Warrior and Papa Shango, but they were so very entertaining. House Hard Halloween follows in that EXTREME tradition of disbelief.


The premise is both simple and ridiculous in nature as young King Maxwell has conquered the Maze of Corn and completed his next step in training. Therefore, a wonderous event will take place to commemorate this achievement as House Hardy will hold it’s first ever Halloween Ball! All the usual characters are involved, Queen Rebecca (Wrestler Reby Sky), her father and gardener Senor Benjamin (Still not sure if this is stereotyping), Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy, real middle name Nero), and Vanguard 1 (A supposedly sentient go-pro drone that guards the compound). So they invite all their over the top friends to join them before Woken Matt has a PREM-EE-NITION of an evil doer coming to conquer the Hardy Compound! Matt goes to personally invite former President George Washington (A Giraffe) and Smokin Joe Frasier (A Kangaroo) to the event while the rest of House Hardy prepares. This part is unique as I actually wonder if these animals Hardy keeps on his compound property have the space they need to be happy and healthy. During the “Smokin Joe” scene, some kind of Ram is seen charging the fence to try and attack Matt to his response of See he is not invited because he is not nice! or something like that. Just saying, I hope his animals are well taken care of and have great space to move around.

Without spoiling the party itself, lets just say that The Godfather, The Conquistadors (Not Edge & Christian), Boogeyman, and Hurricane all make appearances in what definitely is left open for a potential series on the WWE Network.

What do I rate the House Hardy Halloween Special?

4.5 out of 5 Stars! WONDERFUL!

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