This weeks episode of Being Human was a heavy one, bringing down a ton of emotional bricks. The writing team brought raw passion to the screen, made possible by strong, dramatic performances. Honestly, so many amazing things happened this week that I wrote a top then list for 3.10. Without further ado, and in no particular order:



1. Each Death Evoked a Different Emotion

Being Human killed off quite a few characters this week, both old and new, and somehow managed to keep each one different and evoked a different emotional response. Nick and Zoe had another sad goodbye, Stevie’s desperate story and Sally’s reaction to it pulled at the heart strings. Petes came to us as suddenly as he left us, yet still made me yell “NO! DON’T DIE!”  Even Jeff, the Professor of young woman’s underwear studies, proved to create a dramatic and jaw dropping moment.

They have to say goodbye AGAIN!?!

They have to say goodbye AGAIN!?!


2. Josh’s Realization of What it Means to be a Monster

While it rested on the nose, it was 100% amazing that Josh got to be the character that realized what they need to do and be as monsters. Not that other characters don’t know – Josh had to do with Stevie what Aidan did with Bernie in season one in many ways – but having Josh, a character that remained full of self loathing about his wolf, come to the realization that they need to be focused on how their monsters affected the world was nothing short of astounding to watch.

"This is who I am now."

“This is who I am now.”

3. The Josh and Sally Hug

This show has had its hugging moments, but Josh grabbing and hugging Sally in her moment of despair took my breath away. The moment defined  friends being in distress, but also being a pillar of strength and understanding. All in one hug.

A hug creates a thousand words...

A hug creates a thousand words…

4. Edmund Waite

Seeing physical proof of Aidan’s dad is something I didn’t think I even NEEDED to see. But my personal gratification at seeing it, as well as watching Aidan’s reaction to seeing the name…how did I NOT demand to see this before?  While not integral to the plot this week, it was such an amazing choice to show us.

It's CAREFULLY corrected...like this post.

It’s CAREFULLY corrected…like this post.

5. Seeing Aidan as a Father for the First Time

We’ve always known that family remained something important yet elusive for Aidan.  Bernie, Henry, and now Kenny all illustrate Aidan’s automatic “dad” responses. This week we were shown just how difficult and painful a road Aidan had to travel down to become a father, and the moment he became one, we saw the pure joy on his face. A beautiful performance that only served to remind us of the pain yet to come for that character.


"Would you like to meet your son?"

“Would you like to meet your son?”

6. Aidan/Kats Kiss

I’ve been pro Aidan/Kat since she first showed up, and have greedily taken in all the crazy but adorable events of their newly blossoming relationship. I love the slow pace they’ve taken with these two, a huge difference to the normal immediate sexy sleepover that seems to happen on Being Human. That being said, seeing those two character FINALLY get to that “gotta grope ya” point this week felt so exciting. Hoping for good things with them. Ignoring the dead professor.

Maybe Sally was right?

Maybe Sally was right?

7. Zoe is Alive

I should’ve known the amazing Zoe wouldn’t sit idly by and let her zombie boyfriend munch on her. As sad as I feel for her character (they will NOT give Zoe a break) I’m extremely happy they decided not to kill her off.  Nick’s death brought many, much more important elements to the story and characters, but even beyond that…I’m just glad she’s not dead.


Zoe is a Survivor!!!

Zoe is a Survivor!!!

8.  Getting to See the Wolf Again

I wasn’t sure how far the show felt it could go with this “reaching your inner wolf” concept, but I knew I liked it.  I’m pleased to discover more to the meditation journey, and that Josh plans on taking that journey seriously, and now..alone.  And damn, that wolf is beautiful.

Trust isn't QUITE there yet...

Trust isn’t QUITE there yet…

9. The Shell Door

How do you take not one, but TWO moments where characters settle up, announce their gratitude at being given second chances, exclaim they have no regrets and get an amazing emotional wrap up and then turn that moment into a stomach sinking realization that things are not as happy as they seem? The Shell Door, ladies and gentleman. The door that leads to the witch and ghost flakes.  The show didn’t even have to show what happened, they already did early in the season with Trent. It’s just our own growing dread that we are left with.

It's so cute, yet so evil

It’s so cute, yet so evil

10. Chris Dingess Live Tweeting

Chris Dingess wrote this episode, and while I could write ballads for ALL of the Being Human writers (and everyone else who works on the show), Chris joined in with Anna Fricke and many of the actors in Live Tweeting during Monday night’s episode (under the handle @BeingHumanSyfy). If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing a Dingess tweet, your life is incomplete. As I was hoping, the stuff coming from him on my twitter feed made the night ever MORE amazing than it already was. (follow @RealDingess)




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