Being Human seems to be wrapping up for the season, and this week we touched bases with each of our four monsters for emotional scenes and last minute,” here comes the storm” preparations. Which leaves us with lots of questions…


DIsneyland should be on Kenny's bucket list.

DIsneyland should be on Kenny’s bucket list.

Sam Witwer and Connor Price show an amazing chemistry together this week. Aidan really seems as though he’s taken on another son, and Kenny’s enthusiasm and excitement for life is incredibly contagious. I couldn’t help but smile while Kenny played with some random dog in the park while Aidan laughed at him.

Aidan made a promise to bubble boy Kenny, and this week he delivers. Kenny will become a Lord of the Night. Although Aidan took the time to warn Kenny about the down side of vampirism, Kenny’s wish to live a life where he doesn’t have to fear dying of causes that normal people don’t worry over seems to have outweighed said warnings. Until he watched a Vampire die. If his sudden tentativeness wasn’t enough to start your spider sense tingling, the shot of the ship in the bottle DEFINITELY did.  “Hey audience, remember Bernie?”

What Shall we do With the Drunken Vampire

What Shall we do With the Drunken Vampire

The show doesn’t wait to present the new problem. Apparently Professor Pervert Jeff didn’t die at all last week, he was turned into an ugly…vampire-ish being who’s very hungry.

*What happened with Jeff that made him turn into whatever he is?
*We only saw the aftermath of Jeff’s death – did Aidan even kill Jeff?
*Is the wolf’s blood doing this? Are there side effects no one expected?
*Is this Kenny’s fate? Will we see Aidan have to end another young Vampires life?


I'm not PADLOCKING you in your room!

I’m not PADLOCKING you in your room!

Since re-becoming a wolf, Josh’s story hasn’t had a clear story progression except for self-examination, which has been  interesting to watch from a Josh standpoint. This week, however, Josh’s sister Emily learns the truth about the supernatural, and that her brother is counted among them. She doesn’t take it well.

The conversation between Alison Louder and Sammy Huntington was acted brilliantly, with very raw emotions. However, it DID feel as though Josh as a character was taking three step backwards into how he used to feel about his wolf when Emily slung her accusations about the actions of a monster, only to get back on track in the next scene talking to Aidan. Both scenes were amazingly acted, and I loved the realization that Josh has about how the monster doesn’t have to define you or ruin you, but felt a bit out of place in the grand scheme of things.

Not so understanding....

Not so understanding….

*Will Josh and Liam face off wolf e wolf?
*Will Josh ever meet his inner wolf and make real peace?
*Will Emily blab to her family about how their son really IS a werewolf?


Best and Worst break up ever.

Best and Worst break up ever.

Sally’s feeling the end of things, and does the right thing (finally) and goes to tell Max they’re through, though not before a very touching scene wherein they say they loved each other, and Sally admits that Max is the guy she thought she deserved when she was truly alive. This scene hits the perfect notes of romance without becoming too “get a room-ish,” and although the season didn’t get as deep as I’d have liked into Sally and Max’s relationship, I completely buy into their feelings for each other.  It could have easily beenanother Aidan/Suren “that’s only lust” debacle, but instead the chemistry was right, and it became a very sad, and touching scene.

Like, Harry Potter strong?

Like, Harry Potter strong?

*Where did the witch go?
*How is Sally supposed to be ready for the witch when she goes through the shell door?
*What is Donna doing with Ray?
*Will eating a vampire have some sort of affect in the future?




Poor Nora has had some opposition this season, to put it nicely. Though she already made her comeback, this week she melted hearts with her kind, selfless nature. She moved plans for her wedding simply so Sally can be in attendance. She has a “behind the door” bachelorette party with Sally, just to have that time with her before the end. Nora actually voices the theme of the entire series when she wants to make sure the people in her life that matter, that know her, that are going through the same things she is – her monster family – is in attendance when she weds Josh. Kristen Hager’s scenes with all of the monsters this week were all touchingand adorable.

Side pony tail, when in doubt.

Side pony tail, when in doubt.

*Is Nora going to die?
*Is Nora going to kill Liam and THEN die?

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