This week on Being Human, we see the discovery or rebirth of our monsters, and the choices that come along with responsibility of being a monster.  Each character has this story told in very different way but with a very similar outcome. All of our monsters make realizations and accept responsibility, too, which sounds like it should be really boring, but wasn’t.

Who doesn't love bubble blood?

Who doesn’t love bubble blood?


The storytelling methods on the way to each monster rediscovering themselves were taylor made for their situation. Aidan, dying from the virus, begins to hallucinate about his past and his family. Through flashbacks, we see his human wife attempted to persuade Aidan to accept his monster for the unique being that it is, She wants him to realize that hunting is a part of nature–a viewpoint that Aidan didn’t accept then or now. Most. Well-adjusted. Wife. Ever.


Saying goodbye in more ways than one.

Saying goodbye in more ways than one.

Josh goes on his journey of discovery via new character – Pete the Werewolf. Well, Pete is the human, Gordon is his werewolf. Pete was actually the biggest problem I had with this episode. While I loved the character, and his purpose in the episode was amazing, he felt a tad convenient, suddenly dropping into their lives at exactly the right moment. It didn’t ruin the episode for me, but it did did seem a little clumsy to me.  Pete’s journey with his wolf started exactly like Josh’s – he hated the wolf, he hated the change, and he fought it every step of the way.  Then he learned to accept it, get to know it, and life has been better ever since. Though Josh seemed extremely skeptical at first, he gives the meditation method a go with surprising results.  Josh meets his wolf, (played by a real wolf–great choice Being Human!) and says “you’re beautiful.”

He's probably harmless.

He’s probably harmless.

Sally’s method of self discovery is different from the others. While Josh and Aidan have help, Sally finds most of the information It doesn’t take her long to realize that eating live flesh is what will keep her from decomposing completely.

I'll take 3 mice, 2 cats, a dog and some hot sauce.

I’ll take 3 mice, 2 cats, a dog and some hot sauce.


All three monsters have gained new insight on what their monsters could do or what they could be. The question is what will they do  with the information.

Aidan takes his wife’s advice. Not so much the advice to not reject his vampire nature (he survives the virus and immediately says he shouldn’t have…self loathing) but the advice she gives him about living forever means he gets to love again and again, despite the fact that he’s a monster.  He finds Kat and wastes no time in sweeping her into his arms and kissing her.  For the first time since season 1, I was excited to see Aidan so happy with a girl, and the scene plays out with the perfect amount of warm fuzzies.


Dude in the background seems happy, too.

Dude in the background seems happy, too.

The cure for the vampire virus turned out to be wolf’s blood. I think this idea was brilliant, no vampire would think to drink from a wolf, yet it is something that would’ve eventually been discovered by someone. The part that was confusing, t least for me,  was the scene when Aidan survives. I knew it had to be werewolf blood because of the reaction, but felt a bit confused as to why it happened when it did. The virus ran it’s course with no difference except for a random bleeding from the eyes at the end of it’s run. Did something CAUSE that reaction? Is that just the way it worked? The logistics were confusing, but Josh’s line “I don’t care how it worked, it just did” seem to indicate we’re not supposed to dwell on it much -or  it could mean that’s there more to come.


No pain, no gain.

No pain, no gain.

Josh has now met his wolf, and we even see him crack a smile. Could this be the beginning of a more werewolf-accepting Josh? Everything Human Josh experienced this season made him a stronger person – if he places this bravery and strength into his wolf…Josh could be a force to be reckoned with.


Meditation does wonders.

Meditation does wonders.

Sally has the most immediate choice to make about discovering the type of monster she’s becoming. While fellow ghost-turned-human-turning zombie friend Nick says that he’s going to do whatever it takes to hold onto his second chance, Sally promises that she will not take to eating anything that lives – be it kitten or human – to maintain her second chance.  She instead will live out her life until it’s time for her to be done, and then she’ll be done.  Although, it probably will not be that easy, being that he episode ended with Nick attacking the love of his life Zoe exclaiming “I’m still hungry.”

Cold turkey...reminds me of people food.

Cold turkey…reminds me of people food.


Our monsters seemed to have gotten back on a good track with the direction their lives need to take. Where does leave Nora, who has already made peace with her wolf?  This week, we see a Nora align once again with the crew of 3638 Mansfield. She’s told what Aidan had done for her, and realizes that she may have been a tad harsh, and has now pledged to protect Aidan from Liam along with Josh.  I see in the future a fight wherein Nora tells Liam that SHE killed Brynn, right before killing Liam. Another thing we learned from Pete this week was about pack mentality, and I think this week, we’ve solidified our monsters – all four of them – into a pack of their own.

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