Episode three of Being Human, THE TEENS THEY ARE A CHANGIN‘, did not disappoint.  They packed it with a bit of everything: cheating relationships, vietnam-offs, parent/child relationships, and even a few deaths. All the stories had threads of commonality which makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I worried the “finding clean blood” story could get old and annoying…but I think they’re keeping it interesting.  Josh’s situation with Nora continues to ramp up, and we also got glimpses of where Sally’s story could take us.

We also got new characters this week! Erin Sheppard, an abused and orphaned teen who can’t seem to find her place in this world, almost literally falls into Josh and Nora’s hands. Oh, and she got scratched by a werewolf. The commonality between Erin and Nora, the protective motherly (or pack) instincts that Erin brought out in Nora proved amazing to watch, though it also brings about it’s own share of issues.

It's a wee werewolf...

It’s a wee werewolf…

We also meet funeral home employee, Max, played by the adorable Bobby Campo.  From his first entrance, I liked this character. He has an innocence about him, a caring factor – yet I can’t help but feel there’s more to him than meets the eye.  He also seems to own a responsibility I’m hoping he’ll pass onto Sally.  I’m thinking their relationship could be an interesting one.


Which one is which!? Oh right, scars...

Which one is which!? Oh right, scars…

From the start, Being Human was about monsters dealing with being monsters while trying to find their humanity. Its fun to see now, in Season 3, that element of the show hasn’t disappeared, and at the same time, the rules of the game are changing.  Each one of our characters struggles with finding that line between their humanity while also having to deal with problems inherent of belonging to a supernatural world.

The great twist is, Josh and Sally became human(ish) this season, and they’re STILL struggling the same as when they’d been full blown monsters.  Part of this reason stems from the fact that Aidan and Nora remain monsters, and there is no half in, half out.  Their world invades that of the humans.

"I think you're dead."

“I think you’re dead.”

Josh really becomes the poster boy for this in episode three. He flat out says he needs more normal in his life, yet he also admits to Nora that he still considers himself counted in the monster army.  He’s newly human, yet he’s adopting a werewolf pup while screening possible meals for Aidan at the hospital, all while he’s worrying about his relationship with Nora and paying the rent.  On top of all this, he’s having his loyalty and friendship questioned (by Henry of all creatures), and thus the Josh guilt kicks in.  While I am glad to see that Josh didn’t back down in his confrontation with Henry, I’m also concerned because Josh continues to straddle the fence, and will probably end up hurting himself in the end.

Sorry about all the scratching last night...

Sorry about all the scratching last night…

Josh and Nora’s differing opinions on the nature of the werewolf  come out this week, as well.  While neither opinion of the wolf has changed since last season, their differing viewpoints remain extremely interesting to me. Josh still hates the wolf, even though he still considers himself in the thick of things, while we see Nora  talking to Liam McLean about how turning on your own kind is a cardinal sin. Their different ideas show beautifully when both characters have to describe the turn to new werewolf Erin. Josh says it’s horrific just as Nora describes the turn as amazing.  At some point, Josh will need to give a little on his notion of the wolf as a monster, or else their relationship won’t last.  At the same time, we’ve seen Nora get pulled in too deeply and hurt people.  Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, so I’m curious to see how this season deals with past problems in a (hopefully) new way.

Totally DIFFERENT game of chess being played here.

Totally DIFFERENT game of chess being played here.

Aidan continues his work with Henry to find clean blood, and they again come up empty handed, hence why Aidan finally goes to Josh for help.  Aidan is also playing the balancing game – he wants to survive with his son, but he wants to find the most human way to do it. Unfortunately, as usual, Aidan puts more stock in his son than he should.  Aidan broke the rules for Henry last season, and ended up feeling haunted. This time, Aidan isn’t willing to go that far, and for his restraint, he gets told off by Henry and then Henry dies, though not before reminding Aidan that he IS a vampire. Probably not good timing.


Got something on your face...

Got something on your face…

Sally finds herself in a similar predicament, though she has already wrought death and is dealing with her consequences. In the past, Sally loses her emotions and becomes reckless, and then usually sees the error of her ways and pulls back to deal with her mess. She cannot do that this year, as we’ve already seen. She’s been relieved of her ghost state, but we knows she’s very capable of causing major damage, and she’s already quite unhappy with herself.

Another new outfit...sigggghhhhh

Another new outfit…sigggghhhhh

Both Aidan and Sally’s story have similarities, even though one remains a full on monster and the other became human(ish).  They both have to deal with the consequences of their actions and decide how far they’re willing to go and what they’re willing to do to survive. Sally’s actions may be further reaching than she knows.  She helped Trent move on, but he moved right into Donna’s kitchen and proceeded to be turned into Trent Flakes, which Donna ate and grew younger. Donna references Sally’s restraint and her surprise by it. So Sally’s consequences could be even greater than she now realizes, if she doesn’t learn the truth soon.
Side note about the whole Ghost Flakes thing:  If Donna wanted Sally to send her ghosts, why did she give Sally a warning?  You’d think she’d just let Sally flock right back into her old life…guess we’ll see if that makes sense as we learn more information.

Frosted Ghostie Flakes

Frosted Ghostie Flakes

We lost two character this week, we gained two new ones, and we’re seeing new dangers arise – some growing quietly in the shadows, some more obvious.  All the characters are dealing with very similar issues while having their own personal twist added in.  The only thing I’m hoping for in the upcoming episodes is more interaction between the story lines, but otherwise, I love the directions we’re headed in.

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