What’s Blood Got to Do With it?

Episode 6’s of Being Human are some of my favs, and this one joins the ranks. I felt ecstatic for the Aidan origin story this week, but also amazed at how well it tied into his present day story. And the cliffhanger?  We’re all still daydreaming of him in his uniform and then he’s lying on the floor bleeding from every orifice! Sally’s story went a whole new direction this week. I already felt anxiety over her situation, but I did NOT see this one coming! While the Josh side of things went a bit light, I did enjoy the ensemble scenes with the roommies: the french toast scene and the yelling “I got a plan” scenes. I just missed Nora this week.







This week Being Human dealt with issues from the past affecting the way our characters act or considered to act in the present.  Aidan’s past, long and trouble filled as it is, has long since been a burden to him.  This week, we get to see how the entire thing started – all because Kenny the bubble boy has 1,001 vampire questions for Aidan.

So many elements to this flashback were spot on and amazing. Being Human always does a great job with its color correction –  I love to go on and on about the 1918 scenes from last year.  That bluish-green tint to the entire scene that said “flashback” but also gave that dreamy quality.  This weeks flashback story had a desaturated look, you can really tell when looking at the productions stills. Whatever they did REALLY made the blacks pop.

Got something on your chin...

Got something on your chin…

And of course, there’s Bishop.  It’s always good to see Mark Pellegrino’s powerful presence, but his accent, his demeanor, they way he toyed with human Aidan – he really stole the show.  Bishop always possessed a quieter manner, but this BIshop owned a peace and calmness about him in his scenes that made him mesmerizing to watch!



And we meet the long awaited Human Aidan!  We got to see Human Aidan as a healer, a leader, and a good friend who looks after his men. He also had loyalty and responsibility to his men and their cause.  Bishop told Aidan that the man he is now will change when he becomes a vampire, but really, the only thing that changed was that he couldn’t be FRIENDS w/ his dinner.

Aidan pretty much has self control issues and guilt over them right from the get go.  We know that at some point, Aidan and Bishop become the ultimate vampire team, but it seems that Aidan actually circles back around to his old way of thinking – instead of the adventures of Aidan and Bishop causing him to rethink his monster tendencies.  The guilt he carries now has been his companion since the first second of being reborn a vampire.

Vampire Brightness!

Vampire Brightness!

Oh, and who is Susanna? Wife? More please!

While seeing Aidan flashbacks always leave us happy, the really cool part of this week’s show came in how it tied in so well with the events affecting his life in the present.  Let’s face it, they could’ve put that flashback stuff into any ole episode, and we would’ve eaten it up! BUT – it meant SO MUCH MORE tied into the Kenny story.

Here sits Kenny, reading his Astonishing X-men (good choice) wanting to be made a vampire so he can actually experience life. And while we already knew Aidan wouldn’t  so willingly  jump at that chance–knowing that his own turning story basically had him forced into it, and then turning on his own men – well lets just say these two aren’t going to be seeing eye to eye anytime soon.  Aidan can preach, “You can’t see love ones anymore!   You’ll be a different person! Look at me, I’m 260 and have lead a VERY tortured existence even up to last month when I lost my kid!”  It’s not going to matter to Kenny because Kenny’s point-of-view remains so drastically different.  It’s a battle of morals that makes for fun TV watching as well as something new and different not only to vampire-shows in general, but also on Being Human.

Human Aidan!

Human Aidan!

What I did NOT expect was Kenny’s ultimatum.  At 18, he’s leaving the bubble, whether or not he’s a human or vampire, and whether or not it’ll kill him.  Honestly, if Aidan didn’t want to turn Kenny it gave him a free out. Kenny can do what he wants, and if he does die, than it was HIS choice.  But, we can look at Bernie and Henry and how Aidan acted with them and we know it’s not going to be QUITE that simple. Bleeding heart aidan.


Aidan isn’t the only one with a blast from his past. This week, we meet Robbie: Sally’s brother (played by real-life brother Jesse Rath).    I was SOOO extremely excited to see him guest starring on Being Human, but I couldn’t help feel a little disappointed in his story. The whole point of him was to get Sally to damn herself, but I had hoped for a bit more from him.  That being said, Jesse Rath was ADORABLE to watch on screen.  And MY GOD they could be twins. I can’t wait to see him and his white hair on Defiance.

Don't turn around, uh oh!

Don’t turn around, uh oh!

Sally TRIES to hide from brother dearest, but eventually has the inevabtle run in with him. This was something going to happen – why bring him back otherwise?  But I really liked the way the writers stole that choice from her. In a split second, she knew his life doomed, and it felt amazing to see that in Sally’s eyes!

Because of the sudden appearance of Robbie Malik, Sally feels compelled to save her brothers life, and she does so by going to see Donna.  We actually learn several things this week about Donna: she’s really powerful, and she can change the rules of her spells and her own game at will.  Sally can lead a full life experience and see people from her past AND save her brother, if she gives up rights to her soul to Donna when she dies.  And of course Sally agrees. While Sally does ask later what Donna will DO with the soul, (and Donna has that GREAT line “you’ve lost the privilege to ask”) you have to wonder that maybe something REALLY bad will come from Donna having that power. But our BH characters do react to whats going on with them personally and don’t usually think of the bigger picture.  The only thing I don’t get is the fact that Donna said you have to have an exchange, a balance of life and death. So if Sally isn’t balanced anymore, even with the new deal – what is keeping it IN balance, or what is going OUT of balance?


Don't mess with Donna!

Don’t mess with Donna!

This week, Being Human set up some pretty scary stuff. While Josh didn’t have a huge part to play, we did see the Liam McLean is still scheming. He mentions that Erin AND Nora are in his pack now, which make danger a triple threat on the upcoming episodes of Being Human.

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