In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night!

by Peter Jurewicz

I know I promised Geeky Shopping tips tonight, but with the premiere of the Green Lantern trailer, I had to share my thoughts! Look for Geeky Shopping Tips tomorrow!

Before reading this article please go to and watch the trailer for DC’s “Green Lantern” starring Ryan Reynolds.

I have to admit that when I first heard that Ryan Reynolds was playing Hal Jordan, I had my doubts. Even after seeing the official images of Hal “suited up”, I wasn’t quite sure if Ryan Reynolds was going to be able to pull off portraying one of my favorite characters in comics today. Without a doubt, my fears may have been put to rest. (So suck it, Sinestro! No fears from this GL!)

Aside from the portrayal of Hal Jordan, I was impressed with all the visual effects I saw. Killowog looks like he could most definitely put a hurting on any raw recruits in the Corps. I was afraid he might look like a big bug, but I’m quite glad that the creative forces behind this movie seem to really be putting a lot of care into not only making the fans happy, but making something a brand new fan of the Green Lantern franchise would be able to come into. The ring abilities don’t look corny from what I was able to see, which was one of the main concerns many fans had. Luckily, the crew seems to be putting those concerns to rest. We also got brief looks at Sinestro and Abin Sur, both of whom look amazing. I was quite happy with the casting of Temuera Morrison as Abin Sur, as he has a presence that carries through make up and costumes. Though only time will tell on Mark Strong’s performance, but he certainly looks the part.

Without a doubt, Green Lantern has become one of the flagship titles at DC over the past couple of years, and now it’s fast becoming one of the flagship names in other media. In both movies and comics, 2011 looks to be the year of the Green Lantern.

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