It’s A LEGO Universe.

Aside from perhaps the Disney company and a few other worldwide entertainment organizations, few hold the devotion and admiration of their fans quite like LEGO does. (The name is trademarked in all caps, so spell correctly folks!) Originally designed in Europe during hte 1940’s, the brand has become an international phenomenon with LEGO toys, video games, movies, and even four LEGO themed amusement parks with a fifth due to open in Florida. As a child I remember spending hours with LEGOs making cars, forts, plans and anything else I could imagine. Often I’d use them to make bases for my action figures since they were easy to “blow up” and then reassemble.  LEGO’s were the key to making a childs imagination become reality and today that ability has only grown. The toys themselves have a never ending supply of fantasy, real life and even licensed possibilities. You could have you’re Star Wars characters attack a medievil castle with dragons only to be stopped by the LAPD. You could even have Spider-Man save Spongebob and his friends from the invading Dinosaurs!

If you’d told me 20 years ago that one day there’d be LEGO video games that have spawned a whole new generation of fans, I’d have probably peed myself with excitement at the idea of LEGO games. If you’d told me there’d be LEGO Star Wars games I’d probably be the first 4 year old to ever go into cardiac arrest. Not only did they make a LEGO Star Wars game, they’ve made 4. The Prequels, the Original Trilogy, the Saga addition and most recently the Clone Wars which is labeled as III but if you’re counting the Saga edition it’s really the fourth. Aside from Star Wars we’ve seen LEGO video games based on the Indiana Jones film franchise, the Batman universe, Harry Potter and the brand new Pirates of the Carribean. Needless to say, all of these games are in our household and there’s no chance of them ever being traded in at a GameStop.

These aren’t the first video games to be released by LEGO either, as I can remember spending hours on “LEGO Island” at my friends house in middle school. Where in a completely open free roaming island you could build houses, your own race car to take around the track, and even deliver pizzas. As long as you avoided bringing the criminal “Brickster” a pizza, which somehow allowed him to escape from jail. (Don’t ask how that makes sense, I never did.)

More recently, LEGO has been making videos and movies for kids featuring original characters like Clutch Powers as well as on other LEGO properties like Bionicle. There have even been rumors or a combined live action/animated feature film since 2010 but little has developed since the initial rumors. LEGO also made a Star Wars short entitled “BOMBAD BOUNTY” which I’ve included below. Needless to say, LEGO has become an international brand since it’s inception that may never go away and really, who would ever want it to?


PETER loves LEGOs. When he’d make cars or planes as a kid they always looked horrible and the little LEGO guys head would always stick out the top like everything had a sunroof. He has never considered a career as an architect since.

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