It’s Not Too Late For One More Halloween Movie…HOCUS POCUS!

There’s a lot of Halloween movies out there and that’s not even counting THE Halloween film franchise. But to find one that’s family friendly and stands the test of time so many years later is getting kind of rare as time goes on. Hocus Pocus is a a 1993 film from Disney where 3 kids light a black flame candle and bring the evil Sanderson sister witches back from the dead on Halloween night. Hocus Pocus stars Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker as Winifred (Winnie for short), Mary and Sarah Sanderson. Omri Katz, Thora Birch and Vinessa Shaw star as Max and Dani Denison, with Shaw as Allison. Two great roles portrayed in this movie often get ignored with Jason Marsden (look him up!)  as the voice of Thackery (Not ZACHERY) Binx and Doug Jones as Billy Butcherson.

After lighting the candle and bringing the Witches back, the three kids must stop the Sandersons from draining the life of every child in Salem, making them immortal in the process. The witches raise Winnie’s unfaithful lover Billy Butcherson from the dead (by the way, he was unfaithful with Winnie’s sister Sarah) and send him after the kids and their talking cat guide Binx. Having lived for over 300 years, Binx shows the kids the secret tunnels under Salem to avoid the witches as well as the tricks and tools they need to stop them. The film was a mix of comedy, action and even the memorable musical scene where Bette Midler sings a rendition of “I’ve Put A Spell On You”, effectively putting a spell on all the parents of Salem to dance until they die.


The movie continues to entertain so much that almost 20 years later my Dad still waits for it to be on TV every year. Hocus Pocus is an easily quotable movie that we all can spout a few lines from, even if some of you are trying to be cool and pretend like you can’t. Let’s face it, Hocus Pocus doesn’t need a lot said about it. So with a few hours left of Halloween, pop it into your DVD player, kick back, unwrap some sweets and enjoy this Disney classic!



PETER could light the black flame candle and nothing would happen.

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