Last Man Standing doesn’t need any Home Improvement

Last Man Standing is the new sitcom starring Tim Allen on ABC. When you say Tim Allen and sitcom you immediately think of the 90’s classic Home Improvement but Last Man Standing, while certainly similar, are different enough to garner your attention almost right off the bat. Allen plays Mike Baxter who is in charge of organizing an outdoor stores yearly catalog. With catalogs on the out and websites on the in, Baxter finds the catalog shelved and he’s told he won’t be traveling anymore unless he brings the website traffic up. No more traveling means more time at home for Mike as he now has more time for his mostly female family. Nancy Travis plays Vanessa Baxter, Mike’s wife who is still the “new girl” at work and needs more help around the house. Mike is also father to three girls, the oldest Kristin is a single mom to a little boy named Boyd. The middle child, Mandy, is your typical teen who cries because her boyfriend said Glee was stupid. The youngest is Eve, the tom boy soccer player, who gets along the best with her father, but is still prone to needing feminine advice.

Essentially Last Man Standing is a re-tooled (pun intended) version of Home Improvement. There were even puns written in the script for Allen’s character Mike, including his first line in the series of “I’m Back!” and “It’s good to be back home” at the end of the first scene. He even fits in a Buzz Lightyear call of “AND BEYOND!” into the episode. In Last Man Standing, Allen works for an outdoors company (think Outdoor World) instead of having his own tool show. His wife is ALREADY back at work as opposed to Jill who would eventually get back to work, and the three boys are replaced with three girls and a grandson. There is no Al, Heidi or Wilson but the show also features Mike’s boss Ed, played by Hector Elizondo, who is a tough business man type but still friendly towards Mike. There’s also the new guy Kyle, played by Christoph Sanders, who has the unfortunate habit of parking in his coworkers spots only for them to take physical action against his car.

I really enjoyed Last Man Standing, finding a lot of the reasons I loved Home Improvement were there, but it was just different enough to keep me fully watching, as opposed to “watching in the background” like I do reruns of Home Improvement.┬áThe show debuted October 11th and the pilot and the second episode were also put on ITunes for free download. I personally can’t wait for the next episode !


PETER is still waiting for something to blow up or for a Tim Taylor “grunt” to show up, but he still really enjoyed Last Man Standing and thinks you will too!

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