Love & Rangers Part 3

I really do enjoy the simple, fleeting interactions between these two! The rest of this episode was terrible, but the first scene was inspired. In “Storybook Rangers,” Kim and Tommy browse through a collection of books for sale. Kim off-handedly reveals one of her childhood dreams, and Tommy plays right along in the exchange above. The smile on her face really says it all. And just moments later, Kimberly finds a copy of “Grumble: The Magic Elf,” a fairy tale that charmed her as a child. And of course, the White Knight determines that, if the fairy tale means so much to her, she should have it. So he buys it for her. What a guy!


Tommy is always seeking to give Kimberly something. The repeated exchange of gifts is one of my favorite themes among this loveable couple. But out of all the gifts Tommy has chosen for his love, this one tops them all. Could you think of a more thoughtful present? Tommy’s father went to Arizona on a business trip, and Tommy requested he purchase a rare, exotic cactus to enhance her garden. Now, we’ve known since “Bloom of Doom” that Kimberly takes great pride in her garden. I love that Tommy takes such an interest in her hobby! And the way he gave it to her, “Close your eyes I have a surprise” was just icing on the love cake.


Wow, did Tommy have one rough day! In “The Potion Notion,” love was thrown awry all over Angel Grove High. But no one got hit harder than Kimberly, who fell desperately in love with Skull. Just imagine the look on Tommy’s face when Kimberly sauntered to Skull, twirling her hair and asking him to the policeman’s ball. Obviously, he knew something was wrong with her, but all he could do was patiently wait for the spell to become undone. Thankfully, it did… but all wasn’t well yet. Kimberly left him on the dance floor to apologize to Skull for the way she treated him. And I loved how Adam tapped the abandoned Tommy on the shoulder, and offered him celery. I laughed out loud the first time I saw it!

police ball

I’ve always loved “Changing of the Zords.” The title is misleading, since the upgrade to Shogun Zords is far from the main theme of this three-part epic. Rita and Zedd, through their pet Katherine, targeted Kimberly specifically, using her and her coin to get the best of our heroes. Kimberly had a lot to deal with: forcibly losing her powers, slowly weakening as the Pink energies faded… and yet she refused to stop fighting until there simply wasn’t an ounce of strength in her. And Tommy, torn between his concern for his ailing love and the fate of the whole world, had a myriad of tough decisions to make. Could he bring himself to leave Kim in the hands of evil? Could he truly swear to pilot Lord Zedd’s personal fleet of Zords? Could he face the Emperor of all Evil one on one? In these desperate moments, Tommy let his heart guide him. He risked everything to save Kimberly from the dark Lord’s clutches. And in the end, Kimberly and Tommy strolled along the shore, Kim mourning the loss of her powers. Tommy, ever the dependable hero, offered a kiss and a firm reminder that no matter what she might lose in life, she would always have him.



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