Love & Rangers: Part 4; The Final Installment

Just another casual, though deeply touching, exchange between these two lovebirds. Kimberly very well could’ve died when she fell from the balance beam in “A Different Shade of Pink.” Thankfully, Katherine shook the evil spell clouding her mind long enough to get help, and effectively save the Pink Ranger’s life. Tommy was at the hospital in no time, offering a stuffed bear and a joke, despite the cold fear that had ailed him since he heard the shocking news. I’m confident he would’ve stayed by her side indefinitely, had he not been called away to duty. When Kim moved to accompany him, he gently pushed her back on the bed, kissed her forehead, and promised to return. Why? Because Tommy is always there when Kim needs him.


There it is… the ultimate show of loving support. Kim went through some traumatic experiences in “A Different Shade of Pink,” including serious injury on the balance beam (as shown above). She’d sworn off gymnastics completely, until Kat and Tommy convinced her to pursue the sport she loved. Her natural grace and skill won her the attention of Coach Schmidt, and suddenly the opportunity of a lifetime was set at her feet. Would she go? She definitely wouldn’t have if not for Tommy. You could see the pain in his eyes as he encouraged her to chase her dreams, all the way to Florida… and away from him. And you could see the love she felt for him, and all her friends, as emotions choked her final moments as the Pink Ranger. It was the most touching, well-conceived and implemented farewell the writers have ever created. The unique bond between Kim and Tommy was very evident in the entire third season of Power Rangers… right up to her departure

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The original airing of “I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger,” months after Kim’s retirement, led me to assume that Kimberly returned to Angel Grove for Christmas. The actual plot of the story was silly, including saving Santa Claus from Lord Zedd. What made this episode worth watching was my favorite romantic subplot ever, the mistletoe! It took three passes under the arch of the Youth Center before they finally fulfilled that lingering kiss, the last lip-lock we see on any Power Ranger series. And they held each other a long time, Kimberly clinging to his jacket and smiling up into the warm gaze of the man she loves. An excellent exit for Kimberly, and a memorable onscreen finale to the greatest Ranger Romance of all.

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