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What is a Big Damn Geek?
by: BigDamnGeeks

BigDamnGeeks is dedicated to bringing you great reviews, news, interviews, videos and more on TV shows, films, video games, pro wrestling comics, novels and pop culture in general. Whether it be cartoons, science fiction-fantasy, documentaries, music, action flicks or just something that we are passionate about that we want to share with you! Besides our blog we also feature the BigDamnPodcast on ITunes and BigDamnGeeks TV on Youtube!

PETER started BigDamnGeeks in 2010 as a place to write about his obsessions. As he encountered more and more “geeks” on twitter, facebook and actually going out *gasp* he found that you can be a geek about just about anything from comics and movies to sports and food. Peter is in charge of running the Twitter page, so if you talk to us there, you’re talkin’ to him. Peter is obsessed with cartoons, comics, Boy Meets World, Top Gear and Pro Wrestling. He wants you to take the rolls.

NICOLE handles all our Q&A’s that we get to take part in with all the fancy stars. She also has recently taken up the BigDamnLOSER on her fitness quest as well as also being a Geek-Mom to the 100th level to her three awesome girls. Nicole is in charge of running the Pinterest page. We’re just getting started on there so it’s a little lonely right now. She likes Power Rangers, Doctor Who, Buffy & more. She’s all Wibbly Wobbly Morphy Worphy.

SCULLY is an old friend of Peter’s that shares his love for things sci-fi, cartoons, and more. She co-hosts the BigDamnPodcast with him and her lovely husband, Jack. They can both quote things like Animaniacs, RedVSBlue and more without missing a beat. Scully is a robot fighting, part goblin, part skating fish and a Warner Brothers animation aficionado.

JACK is the sound engineer and co-host of the BigDamnPodcast. He’s a huge Dragonball fan, as well as an artist, dancer, performer, avid Templar-killing Assassin. When not doing the recording for the BigDamnPodcast he also runs “Brilliant Minds at Work”, a collection of artists helping spread the word on each other from across the country.

JEAN CLAUDE is Pete’s co-host for BigDamnGeeks TV and occasionally pops in for the BigDamnPodcast. He is an artist working in both paint and sculpture and is a fellow pop culture junkie like his fellow geeks! You can see his work at www.JeanClaudeRasch.com.

WANNA BECOME A BIGDAMNGEEK? We feature numerous guest blogs as well from geeks across the country covering topics like music and video games as well as specific shows like Being Human and Game of Thrones!  Leave a comment below with your name, what you’d like to contribute and a sample of your work. (All comments left on this page will not be viewable by anyone but us, so fear not!)

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