Meeting Grant Morrison Part 2: The Panel

So now I’ve not only met a writer who I have grown to have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for, but I’ve enjoyed a bit of small talk with him and realized he’s really just a regular guy, except Scottish. When we entered the room for Grant’s panel it was pretty packed and I was still shaking from meeting him. I moved to the back of the hall, which luckily had two HUGE TV screens projecting Grant up on them so that I could easily see him. I whipped out one of my notebooks, crouched down next to an empty table in the back of the hall and began scribbling notes of things he was saying.

Grant shares his thoughts on magic, Batman, the status of comics right now and what he thought of DC’s New 52 as a whole. I was surprised with how honest he was with the fans. Gran’ts work on Animal Man really was one of the first books that brought his name up in mainstream comics all those years ago, so it was no surprise when a fan asked him his opinion on the current Animal Man book. He said he loves Jeff Lemiere’s take on the character, he really hates the concept of “The Red” and wished they hadn’t messed with that, but he is enjoying Jeff’s run on Animal Man.

One of the first stories he shares was how he was misquoted by Playboy in their interview with him. “Everyone suddenly thought it was ‘Grant Morrison says Batman is super, super, super, super, super, super, super gay.’ When I didn’t say that.” Grant spoke of how he was asked if Batman could be gay and he responded that he could be. That Batman is NOT a sexual character, so he could really be anything which Playboy then took and turned into a headline of Batman being gay.

A lot of people asked about sequels to stories like Flex Mentallo and that actually seemed to upset Grant a bit. He stated it would NOT get a sequel and that the story is great the way it is. However, when someone brought up Joe The Barbarian, Grant said he had an idea for a sequel where Joe’s school enters the world of Joe’s imagination but that they decided against it and ultimately there is not going to be a sequel.

One of the best things I heard while Grant spoke about comics was when he was asked what he thought of the quote that “Grant Morrison brought the DC Universe to life.” He smiled and said “The DC Universe is alive and it’s in love with Geoff Johns.” Also, while speaking about the New 52  with one fan about Renee Montoya, he said that while he has no plans for her in the New 52, he likes to imagine she’s around somewhere, probably back in the GCPD.

The best part of Grant’s panel wasn’t the talk about comics, but his words to people who came to him for advice on writing, comics, films, music and more.

“Never say no,” Grant said when asked if he’d ever had to turn down a project. “Spread the wealth…inspire others.”

What I took away from Grant’s panel was motivation to work hard, expand my knowledge, learn more about the world around me and what is outside that world. Think outside the box and stay motivated. Never Saying No. Grant even pulled out the Ernest Hemmingway quote of “Write drunk. Edit sober.” If you look back on my older posts about Grant you can see a distinct lack of understanding about his work. I wanted to understand, but couldn’t. Today, I like to think I’ve learned a lot about story telling, other cultures’ beliefs, and expanding my mind thanks to Grant’s work.

Meeting the man and sitting in on his panel are two things I’m going to remember for the rest of my life. I left New York Comic Con that day energized and motivated to make something of myself and to tell great stories that inspire others to tell great stories that in turn inspire MORE people to tell great stories.

New York City Comic Con 2013? You’re going to have to pull out something big to top this!


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