Mick Foley Returns To WWE…& WWE doesn’t say a word!

You read right! Mick Foley returned to WWE to guest referee a tag match featuring Awesome Truth while on tour in Dublin, Ireland. A few youtube videos have surfaced showing Foley put down Awesome Truth and get in several cheap pops…right here in Dublin, Ireland!! Check out the short video, this is the closest and best quality I’ve found but pretty short as well. Even though Foley returning was a surprise to some fans, a few “wrestling geeks” predicted the return months ago when they saw that Foley would be in Ireland at the same time as WWE. More surprising than his return? WWE hasn’t acknowledged it at all on their website yet. Are they keeping it under wraps because it may be a one time thing? Or are they just waiting till Smackdown or RAW to reveal the return of “The Micker”? If Foley’s back it could prove to be some interesting TV as he has a history as Commissioner, proving to be a possible foil for Current GM John Laurinitus? Also with The Rock returning, Foley could be involved there as well. All this is speculation of course as we don’t even know for sure if Foley is back full time or if it was just for the fans in Dublin.


Also view this longer video, it’s further away but you get more Foley!



Oh, by the way, HAVE A NICE DAY!!

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