Morphin Monday: Power Rangers Ranked Worst to Best #20-16 *Nicole’s List*

While I may agree with Peter on some ratings, my list differs from his and probably even yours! Without further ado, I present:




What if the Power Rangers DROVE CARS? Because, yes, they totally need to do this. NOT. This series was one of the silliest series I have ever seen. Not only did most of the episode plots not make any sense, but they also included a child Ranger, Justin. Watching it while I was younger this premise struck me as “OHMIGOD SO COOL! He gets to be a Ranger even though he’s not a teenager!” But, now, as a parent all I can think is “Where is your mother?!” Justin had a very hard time fitting in with his fellow Rangers and I feel like most of the series was spent saving and/or protecting him in some way.




During this series¬†the Rangers are recruited to search for some magical jewels. (snore). Boring, unfunny, terrible acting and bland characters filled this series. To be completely honest, I couldn’t really get into this series and didn’t finish it.




Basically, Time Force but the team acts more like cops. Their commander is an actual dog (what?!) and the writing and character holes make this series fall short. The A-Squad Rangers don’t really get much explanation of just why they are evil and Sam the Omega Ranger; wet blanket extraordinaire; has a complete lack of backstory.



This series did everything it possibly could wrong. Every single little thing. The one part that sticks out the most to me? The grand finale. Every single Power Ranger in existence comes together in battle which ends in one great anti-climax. Total snoozefest and wasted cameo appearances. I didn’t think it could get any worse and then, this happened:




PIRATES! (huh?) This series was originally intended to be a celebration of Power Rangers but then switched to a Pirate aesthetic without any explanation. Incredibly poor acting, (not saying PR isn’t campy, that’s part of the reason we all love it, right?) and completely unoriginal writing made this series fall flat on it’s face.


There you have it! My #20-16 Power Ranger series ranking. Do you agree or disagree? Tell me why in the comments!

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