Morphin Monday: Power Rangers Ranked Worst to Best #20-16

Power Rangers has been a long standing TV franchise in the US since it’s original debut as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1993. Since then there have been 20 distinct series in our view, though many more seasons as some lasted 2-3 seasons each, so for the purpose of this list all of MMPR, Samurai/Super Samurai, and Megaforce/Super Megaforce. Also, since all of Dino Charge is not readily available, we’ll be judging solely on what has aired on Netflix as of writing this.  We will be ranking our favorites, worst to best, over then next several weeks five at a time between Nicole and I. I know we’re probably going to have a few haters out there who crap on our selection but these are our personal choices. What ranks #20 for us may be your #1! We’re not knocking anyone for liking what they like. We’re all still diehard Power Rangers fans, so let’s just get along, Ok?


So starting it off, I give you my personal #20-16 of Power Rangers.




It’s hard to pick your favorite kids, so with #20 I have to go with Wild Force as it had the weakest story and weakest acting of all the series. Though it showed early promise with some great usage of it’s original source Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger, including some awesome night time action (Something I’ve always felt Power Rangers series lacked), the show always felt hollow to me. It’s only saving grace is the classic anniversary episode “Forever Red”, that could have been a multi episode arc or even multi season arc but was instead condensed into a single 22 minute episode. Oh, also in case you forgot the lead actor (who also starred in Samurai/Super Samurai) kinda killed a guy. With a sword. So ya know, that kinda shines a bad light on your season.





Operation Overdrive just never stuck with me. Other than another reunion episode with “Always A Ranger”, the (Spoiler Alert!) Red Ranger turning out to be an Android, and the “not really a bad guy” Norg finally standing up for himself, the season just kinda exists to me. The Rangers never felt like a full team to me and the actors chemistry seemed to be missing. Heck, even the Veteran Rangers seemed to have a better chemistry than this team. Overall, a forgettable season.



While the seasons itself isn’t that bad, it suffers from being mainly filler for the main Rangers at the time who are stuck as kids. Also the necessity of water for the Aquitarian Rangers, while original, could get a bit old at time. The short season is a a must watch if you’re looking to binge on the early Ranger stuff, but if you’re just casually looking for a few fun episodes? It’s largely easy to ignore.


#17 – LIGHTSPEED RESCUElightspeedrescueWhat if the Power Rangers were a government funded/operated organization that took the best of the best from different public service positions like the Fire Department and Medical and combine them with the best Pilots, Animal Trainers, and well…whatever it was the Yellow Ranger did besides roller blade and climb mountains. Well, Lightspeed Rescue would be your answer! The season had great potential and unlike other seasons I’ve listed I really felt the connection of the team in this one along with the first American-made Ranger, the Titanium Ranger. The villains were kinda weird and nothing original but the concept alone could have been much more.



Lost Galaxy holds major three distinctions in the Power Rangers world. One being that it is the first series to not follow the storyline set up by the previous season (affectionately referred to as the Post Zordon Era), two being the death of Pink Ranger Kendrix (relax, she was reincarnated in the finale) and three being the first season to start the tradition of each season featuring a new team of Rangers as opposed to the same characters gaining new powers. Some may argue Alien Rangers was the first, but the Rangers characters themselves still appeared. While the main story arc was strong for most of the season, it ended in an odd way with a brand new Pirate Villain showing up in the final few episodes. The Magna Defender story arc is probably the most memorable part of the season for me and as I said before also featured the first death of a Ranger, but the “Americanized” story seems like it probably pales in comparison to the story the original source material told.


So there is m y #20-16, Nicole will follow up with her own #20-16 and we’ll go from there! Do you agree or disagree with our choices? Chime in below in the comments and let us know you’re own favorites and elast favorites when it comes to Power Rangers!

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