Morphin Mondays: Love & Rangers Part 2

After struggling against Rita with only five Rangers, Zordon found a way to give the Green Ranger back his powers. However, the return was short lived.  Zordon warned that eventually the Green Ranger powers would disappear. Because of this Lord Zedd focused on wearing the Green Ranger down. Tommy’s powers grew weaker and weaker by the day, affecting his usual upbeat demeanor.  Kimberly wanted to lift Tommy’s spirits, and asked Zack to help her write a song in “The Song of Guitardo.” It was a beautiful song and heartfelt gift. The song moved Tommy, and the rest of the team, beyond words.



The final destruction of the Green Ranger was slow and sapped all the Rangers of their spirit. Finally, Lord Zedd succeeded, and another power loss drew Tommy away from the team leaving Kimberly extremely upset. Thankfully Zordon had a back up plan! His secret project in “White Light,” shocked all the Rangers. It seemed to affect Kim the most, given her ridiculous fainting spell.  But it allowed Tommy and Kim to have a private moment while the other Rangers watched on in soft admiration. Tommy finally brought her back to consciousness, using his nickname “Beautiful” for her. She gave him the biggest hug, as if it were all a dream.



Though we all know they’ve dated, they even went on one on-screen in “An Oyster Stew”, but this time we get a whole episode devoted to Kim and Tommy’s date! In “Two For One,” we watched Kim model her perfect outfit and makeup for Trini. The pair even spent time in the park, sharing a picnic and walking side by side on the sidewalk. Tommy even gave Kim a piggyback ride! Granted, a little childish, but cute none the less!



In “Best Man for the Job” Zedd’s competitive spell brought Kim and Tommy to each other’s throats. Tommy is the leader of the Power Rangers and he seemed comfortable with that authority. But during this episode he recognized that someone else was  better equipped for this particular leadership role. He didn’t drop out of the election just to make Kim happy, he saw leadership qualities in his girlfriend he’d never noticed before and he shared that with the student body.



I love going back and visiting some cutesy, cheesy and maybe a little romantic times of my childhood. What’s to come next in Love & Rangers Part 3?!

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