REBOOT: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie



Yesterday I awoke to some of the coolest news I’ve heard in quite a long time when  it was announced that Saban Entertainment is teaming up with Lionsgate Films to produce a reboot of the classic TV show. It didn’t take long for the internet to explode and demand that the original cast and characters should be back. Even Ranger Legend Tommy, Jason David Frank, has told his fans to send emails to Saban and Lionsgate telling them they want Jason back in his iconic role. But let’s face it, if it’s a reboot I doubt that’s going to happen and I would be worried if it did. No one will believe the original cast trying to pass as teenagers anymore, its been twenty years guys!

Now, I’m not completely against the actors returning for NEW parts, just their original ones. Think Stan Lee cameos or even better give them completely original characters to play with a small role to please us hardcore fans. Lost in Space fans may remember that the film (love it or hate it) brought back many of the original cast members and gave them small roles in the film as a nice wink and a nod to long time fans. So while I’m against seeing JDF return to play Tommy, maybe he’s one of the new Rangers parents or a teacher at their school which would be like a double wink and a nod to fans!

I am hoping for a more “Adult” take on the series though, it’s kids programming, but the original fans are grown ups now and the kids of today have shown they can handle a slightly edgier Ranger show, so why not a movie? There is no Power Rangers without campy one liners and the humor of the characters, but I think Power Rangers has the ability to become the new GI Joe or Transformers series. Several fan films have popped up over the past few years, so it’s obvious there’s still an older crowd that would love to see their favorite show grow up a bit with them. Push the limits of that PG rating if you have to, or dare I say PG – 13? You don’t need bad language to be edgy but maybe some more hard hitting action and a bit more violence to make the stakes seem more realistic.

Superheroes, Monsters and Aliens, Humans piloting giant robots to fight said monsters and aliens? Why hasn’t someone done this sooner? Not much is really known about the new film yet, but without a doubt the Power is On!

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