Reboot: putting down a rabid franchise and trying again.


Lately, we see more and more films being rebooted. The Dark Knight Rises hasn’t even come out yet and there is already talk of how they’re going to reboot the series. This summer will also see the Reboot of the Spider-Man franchise with the Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans. Hell, even DC Comics rebooted their entire line (again) with the Flashpoint series last year as we saw the arrival of their New 52! Let’s not get started on the New 52 right now though. But let’s face it, sometimes rebooting a series can be a good thing. Every so often a good series gets off the tracks somehow and goes in a direction that just doesn’t work. So the best thing we can hope for as fans is that the “good folks” in Hollywood take the gun and put down these rabid franchises.

So we here at Big Damn Geeks want to know what series, whether it be film, tv, comics, video games, or anything do YOU want to see rebooted? In a brand new series, we will recast film and TV series, come up with plots we think would be better, and generally REBOOT the franchises that we think direly need to be put down.


BUT FIRST…Let’s start with a video game franchise I have previously complained about, KINGDOM HEARTS.


Kairi, Sora, & Riku: the main characters of the series.


For the uninitiated, Kingdom Hearts is a video game series that combines original characters like Sora, Kairi and Riku with famous characters from both Disney and the Final Fantasy series of games. The first game in the series was praised by a lot for how easy it plays, the integration of two VERY different franchises into a new combined franchise, as well as the overall story. Kingdom Hearts left fans wanting more that was for sure but almost immediately after it’s release the creators took a path that would lead to what many feels has been the diminishing interest in the series. Developers Square Enix took the second installment of the series, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, from the playstation console to the handheld gameboy advance. The creators somewhat realized they may have outed some fans by having the series on two separate gaming platforms so when Kingdom Hearts II arrived fans breathed a sigh of relief to find that while playing Chain of Memories enhanced the experience, you could pick up Kingdom Hearts II and not be lost for the story.

Kingdom Hearts II was released in 2005, and since then there have been 4 more main installments for the game all of which have been on platforms OTHER than the playstation and Kingdom Hearts III is still only rumoured. So the fact is, after 7 years or more, can you go back to a series and pick it up like it was yesterday? You can’t play Kingdom Hearts I or II on a PS3, so going back to replay them you must have a playstation 2 and you need multiple other platforms to enjoy the rest of the series. Enough time has passed that I say put this dog down and lets start over!

Kingdom Hearts has always had a strength in it’s characters and it’s base story, which if you try to read what has happened in the recent games, the story has become confusing and convoluted. What the fans need, and deserve after so long, is a simpler franchise that carries on one platform like the PS3 and has a definite beginning and end. You can even remake the first game with newer graphics and start from there! The voice talent has always been top notch with names like Haley Joel Osment, Bill Farmer, Tony Anselmo and many many more. So really, it’s the story that needs a good clean up.

Stick with the Heartless and Nobodies, we don’t need more than two types of enemies to be facing. Make the Xehanort story clearer to understand, how many clones and copies did this guy have? How many fake outs can fans take before they stop caring? Save the world a dozen times, only to find out the REAL bad guy is still out there? That’s like setting Batman loose in a circus, watching him break the nose of clown after clown only to realize. Oh wait, the Joker isn’t here, he just set me up. Probably fun for a little while, but after awhile you can only break so many honking red noses.


REBOOT VERDICT: Either finally make Kingdom Hearts III and then continue the series with a new enemy/plot line or put this thing down now to start over. Kingdom Hearts was a great title for awhile but Square Enix has gotten away from themselves and run rampant. Lets face it too, Disney is mainly concerned with the money. PLUS, a new game could mean a MARVEL world since Disney bought out the company.

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