RUMOR: Batman: Arkham Crisis in Development

Rumors are circulating based on a video game tester who is claiming that Rocksteady, the developer behind the core Arkham trilogy, is working on a new title in the series called Batman: Arkham Crisis. As with all rumors, take this with a grain of salt until it’s proven or disproven, but if the report is to be believed we can expect a new Batman Arkham game this fall.

Details leaked by the supposed game tester who claims to have played Arkham Crisis say that it’s the most in-depth story wise in the franchis. There’s also reportedly 12 acts in the story with each behind somewhere around an hour or so long. Like in Arkham Origins, the Batwing will be back but will also be available for combat besides the usual transportation/fast travel system. The villains? None other than the Court of Owls. The rumor also suggest co-op side missions that might resemble the Nightwing/Robin/Catwoman missions from Arkham Knight except that two people can play side by side as opposed to switching back and forth between characters. The report also suggest that there will be a defined Day and Night time hours and a map larger then even GTA V.

Arkham Crisis is rumored to be announced this March 2019 so we’ll see if the rumors turn out to be true or not.

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